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5 Informative Tips to Improve Sales Productivity

Tips to Improve Sales Productivity

There’s no doubt that when it comes to revenue generation for your company, your sales team is under tremendous pressure to deliver results. With a fluctuating economy and shrinking margins, it makes it harder for salespeople to make B2B sales quotas. No matter how great your product or service is, an unproductive sales team that is delivering less than adequate results is not going to achieve the sales figures required to keep your business solvent. Here’s a few tips to improving sales productivity and the benefits of subscribing to a Toronto business directory.

Simple Steps To Increase Sales Productivity

For starters, developing a team of high-producing B2B sales reps starts with one simple policy: only hire rock stars onto your team! Not the kind who play instruments, but the kind of rock star sales people who have the talent, drive, tenacity, thick skin and business acumen required to build your sales. The second thing you need to do is set them free to do the job for which they were hired, and that’s spending their time selling. A recent report found that while sales reps spend 30 percent of their time prospecting, they only spend 18 percent of their time actually interacting with their clients and potential buyers. That stat can change significantly when you take the third step towards better productivity, and that’s investing in an online local business directory like Scott’s Info, a platform offering Canada’s best business data since 1957.

Less Prospecting, More Selling

With a subscription to an online business directory website, you gain instant access to a comprehensive national database of Canadian businesses. Your sale’s teams prospecting efforts just increased exponentially. The fourth tip to improving the productivity of your sales team is setting them loose to surf the data and start building better lead lists. Use the data to conduct client matching programs, develop market surveys and get assistance with your web management needs. Refine your searchers and micro-target the best potential prospects for your B2B sales and marketing efforts. Your team will have access to over 180,000 businesses and contact information on key decision makers who can be targeted with your marketing.

Improve Sales Productivity

The fifth and most important tip is developing and understanding your ideal customer profiles. Who are you targeting? What are their habits? What problem are you solving? What are their buying patterns? Use the data you get from your Toronto business directory to target the right client to improve your sales. Learn more about Scott’s Info, a product of Scott’s Directories.

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