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5 Ways to Build Brand Awareness Using Business Directory

B2B companies in Canada

Building brand awareness is the goal of every marketing professional working for a company in a competitive industry. Employing modern strategies that incorporate SEO research, innovative packaging, use of social media influencers and platforms, using digital media and spending boatloads of money advertising are a few common methods. However, one of the best tools for research and building effective sales and marketing strategies is a subscription to a directory of B2B companies in Canada.

Five Ways To Build Brand Awareness Using A Business Directory.

A business to business directory (B2B) is a platform companies can use to gain valuable information on each other’s markets with the intent of making a relevant sales pitch to them based on their needs for your products and services. Data is king, and the more information you have on a prospective B2B client the better your sales pitch will be. Here are five distinct advantages you gain by using a B2B business directory like Scott’s Info:

  • Instant access to over 180,000 B2B company profiles
  • Current contact information on key decision makers in those companies
  • Volumes of company data downloadable in easy to share CSV format
  • Comprehensive lists of Canadian manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors
  • Turnkey market-surveys available along with B2B services and support

Putting Your B2b Directory Into Action

When the goal is building your brand, you have to maximize awareness while communicating key brand attributes to potential prospects. Every new lead you find will have a different reason for wanting and/or needed the product or service you’re selling. Understanding that fact will help you in the kind of searches you make in your B2B business directory. Narrowing your search will give you the data you need on individual companies, so your sales team can build a completely new marketing platform targeted to the businesses on your prospect list.

Invest In Your Sales Team

Sales is a difficult job at the best of times. For better or for worse, a lot of the interaction conducted with clients today is done digitally; clients are busy, and going digital is also a great way for clients to avoid sales reps. On the other hand, providing your sales team with a digital tool that includes a list of B2B companies in Canada gives them the advantage that comes with better research capabilities. It’s worth the investment you make in subscribing to an online directory, because it continues to pay off with each conversion.

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