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6 Sales Pitches to Appeal to Different Buyers

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A sales pitch can make or break potential deals. Therefore, it’s important to nail it down, especially if you are working with new clients. Whether you decide to use it as your opening or closing line, it has significance in the business deal.

While sales pitches are best for closing business deals, they work well with a ready audience. This is where the business-to-business directory comes in. It’s a database with a list of b2b businesses.

If you are targeting Canadians, there’re b2b directories with a list of b2b companies in Canada. With a list of prospects from these directories, you can personalize your sales pitches according to their interest. Thereafter convert them to sales. That said, here are 6 sales pitches to appeal to different buyers:

6 types of sales pitches

1. Emotional

Pixar is a genius when it comes to both enchanting stories and visuals that resonate with viewers’ emotions. And through their narrative templates, you can also craft a sales pitch that resonates with your prospects. As a result, they’ll be able to master your brand and its content with ease compared to a dry recitation.

2. Twitter

Tweeting is a great practice for brevity and clarity. Picture your sales pitch with not more than 140 characters. Does it highlight key points about your brand? Thus, Twitter sales pitch helps with trimming off unnecessary content and remaining with key features about your products/services.

3. Subject-line

If you’ve done email marketing before, then you understand the importance of writing a compelling subject line. With a sales pitch, it’s no different. You need a subject line that’s mysterious and intriguing and also useful. Since you can’t have both in the same line, prepare two. Use ‘useful’, if the occasion is urgent and the other is important when the buying journey is on.

4. Rhyming

Rhyming words may seem like a child’s play, but it has a significant impact when making a business deal. Rhyming sales pitch not only adds fluency to your presentation but also promotes a sense of accuracy and reliability.

5. Question

With question sales pitch, you need to tread here carefully. A business deal could turn from shaky to worse in a matter of seconds. So, if you are truly sure that your prospects get the value of your business proposition, go for it. It will provoke your clients to cling to the idea that they need your services or products.

6. One-Word

It may seem tricky, but a one-word sales pitch does work. It involves summing up your entire brand presentation into one word. Like other sales pitches, a one-word pitch has massive brand power. The prospects can easily recall it, and anytime, they mention that word, they think of your company.
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