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Adapting Manufacturing B2B Strategies to Post Pandemic Environment

Sales Strategy
B2B Strategies

In the midst of COVID-19, navigating manufacturing sales can be difficult. Opportunities for traditional sales methods, such as dinner meetings, conferences, and trade shows are currently nonexistent with no plans of returning anytime soon. A recent study announced that 90 percent of sales have moved their company tactics towards online strategies, such as video conferencing and phone methods. While it can be difficult to gain trust with end-users over the phone, most believe that it is easier to connect with people digitally. Although it is unknown what sales will look like post-COVID-19, there will be changes that might require quick adaptation.

However, digital trends that have approached out of COVID-19 will certainly continue to stay relevant. With the inability to travel, the digital trend is rising and will continue to rise. B2B companies will need to adjust their sales tactics to fit the post-COVID era and adjust to the new world ahead. To support B2B companies in this process, receiving a list of manufacturing companies in Ontario from Scott’s info can assist. 

Customer Outreach 

Companies will fail if they stand by and wait for customers to reach out to them as a result of in-person functions being canceled. Sales managers must think outside the box to consider the ways they need to adjust to the world around them. Developing outreach through calls, emails, and social media marketing can assist in increasing revenue.

Discussing with your sales team how to improve leads through SEO, social media marketing, and email automation can assist in developing an efficient plan. It is time for manufacturing companies in Mississaugua to be creative with outreach and consider the vast amount of opportunities to reach more clients. 

Develop a Process

It can be easy to get stuck in a sales rut. Most companies might be stuck and not even know that they are. To see what strategies are working and not, companies should constantly monitor their inbound marketing and sales approaches. Weekly, they should evaluate what is working and what is not.


Adaptation can be difficult, and in 2020, we all had to adapt in ways that were not easy. While pitching sales, it is important to note that some potential clients might be in unfamiliar territory themselves. While some B2B companies failed to adjust their strategies during COVID-19, they may have lost a few customers or lacked on receiving new ones. As some businesses might be searching for new B2B companies to work with, it is essential to have an updated sales and business plan lined up to present to potential clients. At Scott’s Info, manufacturing companies in Canada can easily find businesses in need with an accessible database. Contact Scott’s Info today for more information.


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