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Aligning Sales and Marketing with a Focus on Pipelines

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Misalignment between the sales and marketing teams has been a major setback to the growth of B2B companies in Canada. As a result, a significant amount of money from the company budget is lost annually. Without a stop to the antagonism between these teams in addition to unaccountability, the company is doomed to fail.

Fortunately, there’s a way out. Aligning sales and marketing with a focus on pipelines can revive a loss-making company and turn it successful. And here’s how to make this possible:

Put an end to blame games

Pointing fingers is contagious and often leads to more losses instead of generating profit. For instance, when you accuse the salespeople of sleeping in their job, they will shift the blame to marketers. And the marketers will do the same.

As such, it creates a never-ending cycle of blame game that enhances the company losses further. If you examine the cause of the problem, you’ll realize it is poor communication. While restoring this can be a tough task, the pipeline goal will surely help out.

Account-based marketing

Account-based marketing provides a seamless way of aligning the sales and marketing team. As a result, these teams will synchronize and focus on particular accounts with a higher probability of conversion. But due to the age of abundant information, there’s always stiff competition for prospective buyers.

As a result, there’s a need for both sales and marketing teams to identify the high-value account. This is where B2B directories come in handy. With access to a reliable B2B company list, both teams can identify high-value accounts to target during marketing.

Held both teams accountable

Holding both teams accountable for a particular failure puts an end to the blame game. But, how do you do this? Well, start by grouping the VPs and other members of these teams. And when these teams work together focusing on the same goal, they’ll share their success stories. Also, if they fail, they’ll both be accountable. As a result of these alignments, you can expect more success stories, accountability, and no-blame games.

The product must be part of the process

For the sales and marketing team to work effectively, the product must be part of the process. Without product strategy, creating an effective marketing campaign and selling is impossible. In this case, what you will have is a product-sales marketing alignment.

But to make this successful, some companies are implementing sales enablement. It’s an emerging alignment technique that helps in stringing products, sales, and marketing teams together. With these three critical departments working as one, company efficiency improves significantly. For more information, regarding business databases, look no further than Scott’s Info.

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