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Avoid Marketing Mistakes and Sell Directly to Key Decision Makers

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In a world where potential buyers are continuously scrolling through social media, it is tempting to put all our eggs in the marketing basket of building a following and dumping money into social media advertising.

Strategies like this are like shouting into the void and hoping your message finds the right ears. With a list of manufacturers in Canada from Scott’s, businesses reaching out to Canada manufacturing companies can avoid marketing mistakes, and ensure their message is being delivered directly to key decision-makers.

Three Common Marketing Mistakes

The goal of any marketing strategy is to drive sales. It is challenging work to figure out who needs your product and how to pitch it to the right contact in a way that gets them to choose your product over a similar one. Too many marketing strategies fall into these traps:

1. Strategies that are too indirect, like advertising online or in print that reaches the general public and falls on deaf ears.

2. Strategies that reach the right market, but which aren’t tailored enough to the buyer’s needs to close the deal, yielding no improvement to sales.

3. Pitches that are convincing and tailored to the right sector, but which don’t reach the people with the power to decide to buy your product.

Avoid Mistakes with an Industrial Manufacturers Directory

Marketing mistakes cost money that doesn’t translate into increased sales revenue. With a customizable industrial manufacturers directory, you can refine your marketing strategy and avoid resource-wasting mistakes. Canada manufacturing companies are diverse and sifting through them on your own can lead to taking a shot in the dark with your marketing strategy.

A comprehensive list of manufacturers in Canada who want your product can provide you with a wealth of searchable information that allows you to massage your message to the needs of each unique target.

Scott’s industrial manufacturers directory is regularly updated so you can easily identify new prospective clients and retain your established customers by responding to their changing needs.

Business listings provide information for key contacts so you can ensure you are reaching out to the person with the power to close the deal.

Avoid wasting precious time, energy, and money on marketing plans that don’t work using an industrial manufacturers directory from Scott’s. You’ll always make the right pitch to the right person when you have a good list of manufacturers in Canada.

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