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Avoid These Common Display Ad Errors

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As you know, advertising is a really tough thing to do online. You have to compete for ad space, pay a ton of fees to display your ads and do some marketing just to get ad space. Sometimes, it pays off, but sometimes, it doesn’t. Why do some geo-targeted display ads work while others don’t?

There are some errors that can happen if you aren’t careful. Common display ad errors include:


  • Misleading CTA
  • Focusing on the CTR instead of ROI
  • Failure to Use Social Media
  • Using the same ads repeatedly

If some of these errors are affecting your display ads, it’s time for an update. The errors are broken down below.

Misleading CTA’s

When you are creating targeted advertising, you need to make sure you aren’t claiming anything misleading. For example, if your ad says, “Build 50% more muscle in 15 days,” you are using a misleading CTA. The expectations you set for your product need to be realistic.

Focusing on CTR Instead of ROI

If you are focused more on your Clickthrough Rate, your ads will not give you the return you are looking for. The clickthrough rate is good but only if it results in sales. As it stands, CTR on geo-targeted display ads is less than 1%. If you assess your display ads’ effectiveness based on CTR alone, you will think they aren’t working. You need to look at your return on investment numbers to make a good assessment.

Failure to Use Social Media

If you aren’t using targeted advertising through social media, you probably aren’t getting a good ROI. Social media is one of the best places to advertise because users spend hours online each day. Your advertisement can reach a much wider and more diverse audience, which can result in a sale. You should use all the tools at your disposal.

Repeating the Same Ads

One crucial mistake you can make is running the same ads over and over. Customers will start to recognize your ads, and if they don’t see something new, they are less likely to make a repeat purchase. Your customers will appreciate seeing something new, and new customers will like it too.

Targeted Advertising Solutions

If you are struggling with any of the issues above, you need a solution. Scott’s Info has the solution to your display ad problems! Our program, RapidReach, will help you create effective targeted display ads that are free of errors. We use geo-fencing, SEO, premium data, and more to help you build a great display ad. RapidReach helps you reach customers worldwide. Setup is fast and easy! Tell us what you need, and we’ll do the rest!

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