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  • Over 945,000 B2B company profiles
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  • Continuously updated throughout the year
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Get a comprehensive list of b2b companies in Canada

If you have ever tried to put together a b2b company list, you probably know how difficult it is to get your hands on the email addresses of potential business lead.

Having access to a B2B business directory that informs you of relevant business names, websites, email addresses, and so much more is not just a good way to build profitable leads, but it will also save you from the energy-consuming task of trying to come up with a good email list of your own.

B2B directories offer a goldmine of information and a B2B wholesale distributor directory is packed with data that will give your sales team a completely new marketing platform to work with. Switching up your sales plan to include information from a business directory is a great move, especially in the ever-evolving marketing industry.

Regularly updated and highly comprehensive business directories will offer you all the information you need to kick-off a more productive and efficient marketing plan.

With detailed profiles of over 945,000 B2B companies in Canada available, creating a more efficient and targeted marketing plan becomes easier. This is essential in this fast-paced world when marketing strategies are ever-changing, and only the prepared ones come out on top.

Using a B2B company list also ensures that when a list of possible profitable leads is being made, the list is thorough, and no potential client is missed. Most business directories fall short of providing accurate or extensive enough information. The Scott’s Info business-to-business directory is continually updated throughout the year and has around 2.5 million key contacts throughout the business listings.

Using Scott’s business-to-business directory allows access to updated information of hundreds of thousands of B2B companies in Canada. Navigating this ocean of information can seem intimidating. Still, Scott’s Info allows you to filter through the information to quickly find the specific information about the specific prospects that you’re looking for.

A business-to-business directory is a platform where companies can gain valuable information on each other’s markets and then pitch sales to relevant businesses depending on their needs. Marketing is an art, and the more information you have on your target audience, the more chances you have of making a sale to them.

Sign up for a business directory today and give your business the new marketing edge that it needs. When you sign up for a b2b companies directory in Canada, you will not only be unlocking hundreds of thousands of key contacts, but you will be adding a powerful tool to your sales and marketing plans. Checking out similar businesses on the market and the data on leads can help you devise methodologies your business can use to generate more profit.

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