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The Basics of Retargeting Ads
Sales Strategy
targeted display ads
What’s Remarketing? It’s a type of digital advertisement that allows your visitors to see your targeted ads when they’re on other websites. But for it to work, the visitors must first visit your site. As such, all your previous audiences will see your targeted display ads as they browse the web. So, whether they’re reading other articles, o...
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Aligning Sales and Marketing with a Focus on Pipelines
Corporate Directory
corporate directory
Misalignment between the sales and marketing teams has been a major setback to the growth of B2B companies in Canada. As a result, a significant amount of money from the company budget is lost annually. Without a stop to the antagonism between these teams in addition to unaccountability, the company is doomed to fail. Fortunately, there’s a wa...
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Using Mailing Lists to Generate B2B Leads
Marketing Database
corporate database
A business directory database is amongst the efficient and trending marketing tools in the B2B sector. Unlike the B2C industry where the target clients have all the time to spare, the B2B industry is a hard target. Often, businesses have specific goals they are working towards. As such, they don’t have time to spare for purchases or other matters...
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Using the 4 P’s of Marketing to Appeal to Manufacturers
Manufacturing Companies
Manufacturing companies in canada
Ever heard of the 4 Ps? To some companies, this is the first time they are hearing about the 4 P's. While it’s unfortunate, it’s important to acknowledge that it has a vital role to play in business marketing. The 4 P’s represents Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Briefly, the ‘Product’ is goods and services being offered. The ‘Pri...
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Expedite Sales by Remotely Connecting with Prospects
Marketing Database
Ontario business Directory
As more companies offer work-from-home options, sales professionals are adjusting their approach to connecting with prospects and customers using the Ontario business directory. Fortunately, there is a quick and simple tool available to help sales reps meet with prospective clients, contacts, and staff from anywhere in the globe. If you suspected ...
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How Business Data can Help Sales Pitches
Corporate Database
Canadian phone number database
No matter the sector you work in, you know that gathering customer data helps you to improve almost every aspect of your business. The forms of collected data may include a user's IP address, previous search queries, a user's location, as well as the ads that somebody clicks on online. A corporate database is important because it can be ideal for c...
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5 Ways Market Research Improves Your Sales
Sales Strategy
Market Research
To succeed as an entrepreneur, market research plays an essential part. With it, you will be able to formulate effective business decisions and keep up with the competition. It doesn’t matter whether you are a starter or an established company, your business needs market research. With the data you gather from it, you can improve your sales and r...
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