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The Value of High Quality Data
Marketing Database
B2B business directory
These days, companies have to do more to find and retain clients than looking up their information in a B2B business directory. While business to business directories are useful, they are not going to make a sale for your company. Instead of relying on a list of B2B companies in Canada to help you focus your sales efforts, you need to think about g...
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Engage with Manufacturing Companies for Sales
Manufacturing Companies
Manufacturers in Canada
When you want your business to grow, you’d want to explore any opportunity that boosts your sales. One such opportunity is engaging the manufacturing and construction market. If this sounds like something you’d want to try, then this is the perfect time to engage them. Manufacturing is now at position 3 when it comes to the sales of promotiona...
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How to Feel Confident in Your B2B Data
Sales Strategy
B2B companies in Canada
Marketers find it difficult to get data about B2B companies in Canada, yet data is critical in boosting sales performance. For data to be useful for your marketing campaigns, it has to be reliable and up-to-date. Unless you are confident that the data you use will bring in results, don’t use such data. High-quality data is key if you want to pro...
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Keep Your Remote Sales Team on Track with the Right Data Tools
Sales Strategy
marketing database
While just a few years ago, remote teams seemed like something that would be many years off, now they are well-established and here to stay. They are an effective and safe way to get work done without risking anyone’s health or wasting countless hours per year in commute times. The only task companies need to stay on top of is ensuring that their...
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The Importance of Quality Data
Sales Strategy
business directories
Any business that uses incorrect or bad data is losing money, even if they do not realize it. Quality data allows companies to rely on their information and make good use of it. Lost productivity and employee wages in the time it takes to correct any bad data a company may have can result in millions of lost dollars annually, sometimes even more. B...
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How to Find Corporate Profiles Online
Sales Strategy
corporate directory
Finding pertinent data on a business or a corporation can be difficult, even when a company is large or has a significant public presence. Industry-related data such as revenue and sales can be difficult to find, and some companies – especially online-based companies – withhold their phone numbers, physical addresses, and other contact informat...
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Outdated Sales Databases Are Bad for Your Business
Sales Strategy
marketing databases
The Canadian economy is constantly changing. Businesses relocate, merge, and go out of business. Employees get promoted, transferred, or terminated. Even companies that maintain a constant presence can change their phone numbers, email addresses, or website locations. Companies that are not operating with current marketing databases are at a severe...
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