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Boost Your Targeted B2B Prospecting

Sales Strategy
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What is B2B sales prospecting? In short, it is the act of seeking potential customers, clients, or customers to deal business with you, or in other words, you are seeking a partner to either buy merchandise from you or sell it to. But why is this topic so important? A significant portion of time is typically spent on prospecting rather than selling which is time that you could use to increase profits instead. We will be going over key tips on how you can boost your productivity and reduce the headache of frequent rejections from businesses on a Canada company list.

Understand Your Target Audience

First and foremost, understand your target audience. The frequently used term to describe a representation of a target audience is a buyer persona which is a fictional person that a company creates that best fits an audience’s preferences, interests, demographic, dislikes, behavioral traits, and deal breakers. This is important because this gives you a much better idea of how to sell your product. Take a look at a list of Canadian businesses and see what matches what you are going for.

Be Proactive

Relying solely on marketing teams and tools is not enough if you are striving for stronger chances of landing business. For the best results, putting more focus on making cold calls and emails daily is the best way to stay proactive and consistent, but first, you need to sit down and ask how many cold calls should be made daily at the minimum and stick to that on a weekly basis. This will depend on the size of your business and what your ambitions are.

Master Cold Calling

In order to make the right impression and increase your potential for sales, knowing how to cold call is key.

Research what this company’s goals are, how you can help them, and who they are already working with. The more information you have and how to utilize that information when speaking the better. But when you are on the phone or emailing them, don’t sound pushy, aggressive, or sound like you are a miracle for their business. People don’t like this type of marketing and it will only harm your chances. Instead, be transparent, treat them like humans, and explain how you can benefit them.

It’s not extremely likely that you’ll land business the first time, instead suggest a follow up call or an email whenever they are interested – be polite and respect their interests.

“No” often means “not yet”

It’s important to remember that rejections don’t always last forever, many times a company from a Canada business directory list is already full and are doing fine with the partners they already have. If they wish to expand in the future or need a replacement, there is a chance that they might come back to you as long as you made a good first impression and made a call to action regarding you’ll be there if they ever need you.

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