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Don’t Let Bad Data Ruin Your Sales Strategies

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Have you ever received a B2B proposal from someone who you suspect didn’t do their homework? Perhaps they got your name wrong or your title incorrect. More significantly, they pitched you a B2B proposal that has nothing to with your area of expertise or responsibility within the company for which you work. It makes you judge the competency of that individual, doesn’t it? Before conducting any outreach to a potential B2B prospect, find out everything you need to know about your target by using an online corporate database.

Avoid Bad Data and Stop Wasting Time Searching

If you’re hanging onto a Rolodex full of business cards, your method of generating sales leads and a network of contacts is probably outdated. People change jobs, companies change focus; the contacts within companies change constantly. By subscribing to a modern, online, subscription-based corporate directory that offers accurate contact information on current personnel, you get access to over 1.2 Million up-to-date business contacts across the company. Avoid the embarrassment of sending a proposal to the wrong contact for your B2B sales pitch. By searching the data available in the corporate business directory, you can be certain you’re making a good first impression on the right person. There’s no worry about finding bad data, because the database is updated monthly. You can avoid wasting time putting together a proposal for someone who know longer works for the company or, even worse, a company that is no longer in business.

Build Effective Sales Strategies for B2B Sales

With your subscription to Scott’s Info, you will gain access to online corporate directory information on over 600K businesses Canada-wide. That’s an incredibly powerful tool to have when building your sales strategies to target new business. Sales are the lifeline of your business. Maximizing the efforts of your sales team is critical to succeeding at an optimum level. To achieve the ideal cost of sales to revenue ratio with your sales team, you need to ensure you can reduce the costs involved in staffing your sales team while empowering them to sell more. Giving them access to a tool like an online corporate business directory rich with current data is a smart move for any sales manager. Stop wasting time with bad data.

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