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Empower your sales team to find potential leads with the help of Corporate Directory

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A good sales manager helps achieve results. A great sales manager helps develop people. By subscribing to a great corporate directory, any sales manager looking to generate B2B leads can empower salespeople by giving them one of the most effective tools available online today. In fact, subscribing to Scott’s Directories is one way to ensure the long-term success of your sales and marketing teams no matter what industry you’re in.

There isn’t a sales and marketing professional working today that doesn’t want to achieve results. In a commission-based environment, it’s the ultimate goal because making budget means getting paid! Like a new conductor stepping in front of an orchestra packed with talented musicians, a new sales manager has to be a leader in guiding the team of sales professionals towards a united goal. Providing that sales team with a corporate database packed with information on thousands of businesses across the country is a great start. There is no downplaying the significant impact getting a subscription to a great corporate business directory can have on a sales team. When the entire goal is to develop new leads and grow active accounts in the hope of converting them into new sales, the corporate directory is a crucial source of relevant data designed specifically to help teams achieve that goal.

Consider the steps you take in developing your B2B marketing strategies. Conducting research to develop focused plans is critical to the process. You are setting your team up for failure if the majority of their time is spent cold calling, researching and developing their lists rather than actually connecting with clients and landing sales. You can eliminate a great deal of wasted time by subscribing to a corporate business directory that is rich with information, including over 600K B2B company profiles and over 1.2 Million key contacts. That eliminates the awkward process of calling companies to find out the right person you want to connect with. Imagine what having a list of over 1.2 Million key contacts and decision makers to reach out to can do for the confidence of an aggressive young sales and marketing professional. Even better, that list continuously gets updated throughout the year, and it’s easily downloadable in csv format. Teach your team how to narrow their search for more focused lead generation, and they’ll quickly be determining the high potential prospects on which they should be spending their time. When 90 percent of your sales come from 10 percent of your clients, that’s a great advantage of accessing the information on your corporate directory subscription.

Empower your team with a comprehensive list of Canadian manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, B2B services and more. Contact Scott’s Directories.

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