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Engage with Manufacturing Companies for Sales

Manufacturing Companies
Manufacturers in Canada

When you want your business to grow, you’d want to explore any opportunity that boosts your sales. One such opportunity is engaging the manufacturing and construction market.
If this sounds like something you’d want to try, then this is the perfect time to engage them. Manufacturing is now at position 3 when it comes to the sales of promotional products. Manufacturers in Canada, both selling and buying, tend to operate within small circles of the relationships they have established. That’s why it may be difficult for newbies to penetrate this market without help.
To break into this market, consider using the tips below:

Proper Timing of Sales Calls

Sales calls should be highly targeted and properly timed for them to meet their objectives. For example, you can start planning for the Manufacturing Day that’s coming up in October (first Friday). Manufacturers use this day to recruit new employees and spread awareness about what they offer. You can get a list of manufacturing companies in Canada that are active during this event and plan your pitches to them. This can boost your sales in October and beyond.
This isn’t the only even you should consider. These are many business events lined up throughout the year, which you can attend and showcase your products.

Request for Internal and External Referrals

No company can survive without referrals. But remember that referrals will only work if you provide high-quality services or products that your customers can appreciate. For example, once you’ve served a storekeeper and he’s happy with your service, ask him to refer you to their company’s sales/marketing department.
The supervisors in the sales/marketing departments normally dictate or influence where good are sourced from. Knowing them personally is, therefore, essential for your business. You can as well ask these supervisors (or middle-level managers) to refer you to the top management.
External referrals are also important for the growth of your business. If you are sure your services are the best, don’t shy away from asking for referrals. Satisfied customers will act as your business ambassadors.

Consider Wearable’s

If you are considering starting a business that targets the manufacturing industry, consider dealing in wearables. Manufacturers in Canada prioritize the safety of their staff above everything else. So you need to include work gloves (heavy duty), industrial clothing, and high-visibility apparel in your stock. You can as well contact these manufacturers directly and ask them what to stock. If possible, they’ll provide you will a list of what they need.
To get a list of manufacturers in Canada that you can pitch to, consider working with Scott’s Info. We’ll provide you with access to top-not web management service plus lists of your target customers complete with important data and contact information.

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