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Five Benefits of an Online Business Directory for Your Startup

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You’ve taken the leap and gone into business, establishing a start-up that’s now responsible for generating sales and meeting the demands set by the end-users of your products or services. You’ve done your research and crafted a business plan that addresses the lessons learned by other companies; you want to learn by both their successes and failures. Ultimately, how well your start-up does depend on you and your sales team, and one way to improve your chances is by subscribing to a Canada business directory.

Five Benefits of an Online Business Directory

When your new start-up depends on generating a high-volume of B2B sales, you need every advantage you can find to start marketing your business to qualified leads. There are multiple benefits involved when subscribing to a digital platform loaded with business directories like the one offered by Scott’s Info. You may have an invention or product that is exciting and innovative, but sales may be underwhelming if your product isn’t meeting a real need for the market that you’re trying to serve. The first benefit of subscribing to Scott’s Info is gaining access to a Canada business directory list featuring over 600K business profiles. You would have to spend days, weeks or months compiling such a comprehensive business listing to use for your marketing outreach. The second benefit is the fact that same Canada business directory includes over 1.2 Million key contacts within those businesses. You can immediately start targeting individuals rather than relying on unproductive cold calling. Equally beneficial is the data you’ll find on each individual business; from company sales to number of employees, product menus and industry codes, the data is critical to your preliminary research. The fourth benefit is ease of search; there are 35 different ways to conduct searches through the business directories you have access to with Scott’s Info. Finally, all information is easily downloadable and printable in easy to use and share formats. For a start-up looking for a target list to aim for with sales and marketing outreach, this is the bullseye.

Start Generating Sales Quickly

With qualified lead lists, you can get to work conducting your sales and marketing outreach. By targeting only those companies who are a perfect fit for your products and services, you can be laser-sharp in the focus you put on the high-value prospects you find by searching the Canada business directory. It’s a great investment in both your business and the sales team tasked with ensuring your start-up success.

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