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Getting Personal: Boosting B2B Sales

Sales Strategy
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It is becoming more important in our modern world to personalize your sales experience. Many businesses in Canada now prefer to listen to pitches that include personal information about their business. They want to know how your product is going to benefit their specific business. This is when you should utilize a Toronto business directory.

Business directories can help you or your sales team create the perfect sales pitch. They contain current contact information, addresses, and other important information about the businesses you want to approach. Business directories list thousands of businesses. You can narrow your directories down by city or province, such as “Ontario business directory” or “Toronto business directory”. Once you have narrowed down your search, you can start your research.

Research Your Prospects

In order to boost B2B sales, you first must research your prospects. You will want to know what problems they may be experiencing and how your product can fix those problems. You should also try to find out other brands the business sells to determine if your brand is a good fit for their business. You can research the demographics of your target audience, as well. Any information you find that can add a personal touch to your pitch is good information.

Increase Website Traffic and Activity

Most businesses prefer to do their own research during B2B sales. Your prospects will try to learn more about you, your company, and your product before they decide to hear your pitch. You should make sure your website is up to date, and ensure you have business pages on LinkedIn and Facebook. This will help drive traffic to your website.

Your website should also contain content that utilizes keywords. Keywords are the words that are typed into a search engine. Keywords help improve your SEO ranking, which will help your website appear before others in a Google search. Website activity is also important because it keeps your website relevant.

Utilize Predictive Personalization

Modern marketing automation, known as predictive marketing analytics, can make better use of data by searching for keywords and indications of interest within emails, TCP/IP log files, buying patterns recorded in public databases, and much more. Advanced data science methods can then determine buyer patterns with this data. You can then use this information to further personalize your B2B sales pitches.

Find a Business Directory

If you’re ready to start personalizing your B2B sales pitches, you should visit Scott’s Info. Scott’s Info is the number one resource to choose for business directories in Canada. You can find a business directory for Mississauga, Ontario, and cities and provinces throughout the country. Contact us today for more information about our directories or to start a free trial!

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