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How Avoiding Outdated Sales Data Can Save Your Business Money

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When it comes to outdated sales data, your business needs to avoid it all costs, as it can lead to major problems further down the line. You don’t want to be dealing with old data as it makes your sales team track down the wrong clients, causing losses and wasting time and energy in the process. You can save your team time and money by subscribing to an online business directory website like Scott’s Info.

Not only will it provide your business with an easier platform to access information from, but it will also allow them to reach out to a larger audience base with greater ease. With Scott’s Info, you get a local business directory that gives you immediate access to thousands of relevant Canadian local business directories that will help you to capture the market. 

So, why waste your time and energy on outdated sales data? There is no other online business directory in Canada, like Scott’s Info. It provides you with details on over 215,000 companies and is essential for business owners looking for a list of Canadian businesses in Ontario. 

Just because you don’t come across a problem right away, that doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t exist. Outdated sales data is a similar type of problem that doesn’t show up immediately, but you can bet that it is going to harm you in the future. It’s a major issue for businesses that want to improve their sales because when you don’t notice the problem immediately, it will only grow. That’s where you should consider getting your sales information and data from an online business directory website that gives you up-to-date and accurate data. Scott’s Info is exactly that, as you not only get to target all the biggest companies in Canada, but their database is updated daily. 

You can’t run from outdated sales data as well because nearly 70% of all data in the CRM tends to go bad every year. That would mean if you don’t take any steps to improve or clean up your data on a yearly time frame, over two-thirds of your data is going to become worthless. Most people are taken aback when they learn that outdated sales data can cause such a massive problem, and then are left to wonder why their sales and marketing efforts aren’t getting them the results they need. 

Fixing a problem that you don’t know exists is impossible, and outdated sales records can have a serious impact on your B2B prospecting for clients. So, even if you to find that 30% of your records are outdated, it’s going to be one-third of your sales data that is unusable. That figure could seriously impact your revenue, depending on the clients. A local business directory could very well resolve that problem as it will allow you to get instant access to all the best businesses in the directory, and this could have an immediate effect on your bottom line. 

Avoiding the Outdated Sales Data Problem

When you don’t understand that outdated records are your problem, you won’t know when to take action. You must make it your priority to clean your data and keep it in good condition. That means scheduling the time to audit and test the data to ensure that it is accurate is important. One way to do that is by signing up for Scott’s Info, as it is the only online business directory in Canada that updates its database and gives you accurate details of more than 215,000 companies in Canada. 

A Canada business directory list is going to quickly become your most valuable tool in the game as it will give you access to thousands of key contacts. There will also be extensive information on over 580,000 businesses throughout the nation. You can quickly put your sales team to work and they will be more quick and effective than ever before.

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