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How Is Enterprise Sales Different Than SMB Sales?

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Enterprise sales and SMB sales are two prominent types of sales in the business world. Enterprise sales refer to the procurement of large contracts that typically involve long sales cycles. You would use enterprise sales if you are creating a solution that may be critical to the success of a large corporation. These sales are easier to complete if you use a corporate business directory that has names and contact info for businesses.

SMB sales can take more time than enterprise sales. Some SMB sales can take years. SMBs meet the needs of a range of buyer personas. They typically come at a higher price point.

Here are 4 key differences between enterprise sales and SMB sales.

  • Ease of Purchase
  • Number of Decision-Makers
  • Pain Points
  • Finding Leads

1. Ease of Purchase

SMB sales can be easier to complete than enterprise sales. However, there can be more risk involved in an SMB sale. Enterprise sales require the use of invoices with every purchase to keep an accurate record. SMB sales can be direct purchases and don’t require an invoice, although an invoice is a good idea for your records. Easier purchase transactions can close deals faster.

2. Number of Decision-Makers

In any B2B sale, there will be a certain number of decision-makers. Depending on how many hands are in the business, it may take a long time for everyone to agree on the decision. The fewer decision-makers, the quicker processes speed along.

3. Pain Points

For enterprise sales, the pain points that must be addressed aren’t necessarily what is happening now, but what could happen in the future. Pain points at the SMB level are issues that need to be addressed immediately to keep business going. Companies need solutions to problems. If your product can solve current and future problems, you may have a great product on your hands.

4. Finding Leads

Finding leads for prospective clients doesn’t have to be difficult. You can use a corporate directory from Scott’s Info to find the right companies to pitch to. You can find leads for both enterprise sales and SMB sales and will gain access to the names and contact information of your prospects.

Scott’s Corporate Business Directory

The more information you have on a potential customer, the better you’ll know whether it will be an enterprise sale or an SMB sale. Gaining sales from sales pitches and advertising requires data, and a corporate directory is the best place to get that data. No matter how much you search manually, you will not be able to find the micro-targeted information in our corporate database. Visit Scott’s Info today for the most relevant, up-to-date information about businesses near you.

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