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How to Find Corporate Profiles Online

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Finding pertinent data on a business or a corporation can be difficult, even when a company is large or has a significant public presence. Industry-related data such as revenue and sales can be difficult to find, and some companies – especially online-based companies – withhold their phone numbers, physical addresses, and other contact information. Complicating matters further are issues pertaining to data quality; data that is either out-of-date, deliberately wrong, or libelous can cause its readers to make rash or foolish decisions. Scott’s Info makes seeking corporate data easier with its comprehensive, up-to-date corporate directory and supporting functionality to focus on pertinent data.

Web-Searcher Beware: Not All Data Is Valid Data

Data-seekers who try to find out more about a company run the risk of exposure to invalid data. Obsolete data – such as disconnected phone numbers or mailing addresses for a company that has relocated – can cost data-seekers time and money, both for the failed contact attempt and the time spent searching for the correct data. And misinformation campaigns such as paid-for reviews, propaganda formatted like a news article, and outright lies are prevalent both on traditional media and the internet and determining truth from lies can be a significant investment of time and resources. Though common resources such as a current phone directory or a company’s web site are generally trustworthy, Canada’s ever-changing business climate does not make common resources an infallible source of data.

Scott’s Info Prides Itself on Useful, Valid Data

Our corporate business directory is configured to make our clients’ data-searching efforts quicker and more efficient. A key aspect of this is performing routine data validation, ensuring that our databases are current, and performing corrective actions on outdated data. We make data-searching easier for our clients by making our directories fully-searchable and accessible 24 hours a day. All of our clients have 12 months of unlimited searching, viewing, and printing of data, with premium packages allowing clients to download data directly to applications such as SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Inbound Lead Generation Can Help the Company Find You

For clients seeking to perform business-to-business transactions with corporations in Canada, Scott’s Info provides SEO strategy and lead generation services in addition to our corporate database. We can analyze our clients’ websites and generate a plan to attract the desired clientele with targeted keywords, advertisements for each part of the customer funnel, and high-quality content which improves clients’ rankings in search engines. Targeted inbound leads are less likely to lead to false positives than unfocused efforts such as cold-calling potential customers.

Scott’s Info Provides Corporate Profile Data

Scott’s Info provides a current, user-friendly corporate database that can save significant time and money for our clients. Our verified data and multiple data points allow our clients to focus only on corporations that match their industries, geographical locations, and corporate cultures. We offer multiple contract tiers and additional services that our clients can use to become or remain competitive in the Canadian economy. Contact us at 1-844-402-2076 or fill out our online form to schedule a free thirty-minute consultation.

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