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How to Find Wholesale Distributors in Canada

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wholesale directory in Canada

Finding a reliable wholesale distributor in Canada can take some time, but the effort is worth the wait. A wholesaler can assist businesses in purchasing products from manufacturers and then reselling them to businesses. Wholesalers work as a middle man between stores and their supplies. When finding a wholesale distributor to work with it is essential to work with the best. While a wholesale directory in Canada can assist, it is vital to keep the following in mind:

The Right Wholesale Supplier

Before calling up a few wholesale distributors, ensure that you have a list of requirements regarding what you are searching for in your company. Wholesale distributor services should revolve around connecting you with products needed at an affordable price, trustworthiness, friendliness, and easy geographic accessibility. Once you determine a wholesaler has those values, all you need to do next is ensure that they sell exactly what you need.

Understanding a Wholesalers Distribution Channel

All wholesalers are different, and one size does not fit all. There are plenty of ways for products to be transported to retailers. The four types of distribution channels are manufacturer, exclusive distributor, regional distributor, and jobber. A manufacturer allows you to directly buy from them instead of using a middleman. Businesses such as small clothing stores might purchase from a manufacturer. An exclusive distributor is a distributor that imports a product to a certain country. While some may choose to sell directly others might sell to manufacturers who then sell the products to other stores. Regional distributors are regional wholesalers that deliver items to local wholesalers so that they can sell to businesses. Jobbers on the other hand assist in daily deliveries to grocery and retail stores.

Seek Manufacturers First

When you pay wholesalers your profits get cut into. Beginning with manufacturers for products you can cut out the cost you would have to pay wholesalers. If the manufacturer is unable to accommodate your needs, proceed to ask them for reliable distributors that can help you.

First Meeting With a Wholesale Supplier

Search for wholesale distributors with the assistance of a distributor directory. Once you locate a few, ask about the minimum order requirements, prices, and the location they service. Schedule a call with them for more information and to build a relationship. Even telling suppliers that you are reaching out to competitors can encourage them to grant you a better price.

Scott’s Info Distributor Directory

While you can spend time Googling B2B companies, attending forums, and attending trade shows, you can also save time by looking into a distributor directory. At Scott’s Info, we provide businesses access to a database that allows them to view distributors across Canada according to their needs. Save time and receive profitable leads with a list of B2B wholesale distributors in Canada. Finding the right company to work with can be challenging, but at Scott’s Info, we make it easy. Call us today for more information.

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