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How to Learn About Sales Prospects Before Talking to Them

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Starting a conversation with a sales prospect can feel intimidating. It’s even more nerve-wracking if you don’t know much about them and have to begin the conversation with a question like “So, what do you do?” That’s where the Ontario company directory from Scott’s Info comes in. With this comprehensive tool, you can learn about a company’s history, size, revenue, and more, before initiating a conversation with a prospect. In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into how this directory works, and how it can help your sales team gain an edge.

What is Scott’s Info?

Scott’s Info has been providing information through business directories in Ontario for over 70 years and has evolved to be one of the most trusted and reliable sources available. The heart of this service is the Ontario company directory which contains essential information on all companies in Ontario. This directory is a go-to resource for anyone looking for company data, whether you’re looking to sell your services, build partnerships, or research your competition.

Accurate Verified Contacts

The Ontario company directory provides comprehensive company data such as contact information, company size, revenue, and other pertinent details that can help a sales professional understand the needs of their prospects better. These insights can help sales reps to craft personalized pitches that speak directly to their prospects’ needs and interests and can close deals more quickly.

Make Personalized Pitches

Research shows that personalized pitches can increase the conversion rate by up to 20 percent. Imagine having all the information you need to craft a tailored message before the conversation even starts. Using the business directories in Ontario from Scott’s Info can help sales reps achieve this level of personalization.

Leverage Available Data

Not all sales professionals strive to personalize their pitches, and often this is because of a lack of available data. With Scott’s Info’s Ontario company directory, that’s no longer the case. By leveraging all of the data available through the directory, sales reps can also develop a more in-depth understanding of their prospects. This additional knowledge can help sales reps navigate the sales process more effectively and address objections that might arise.


In conclusion, the Ontario company directory from Scott’s Info is an indispensable tool for sales professionals who want to achieve greater success. With this directory, they can learn everything they need about prospects before they even get to the virtual or in-person conference table. 

By using this comprehensive business information, sales reps can develop personalized pitches that speak directly to the needs and interests of their prospects, ultimately leading to increased conversions and more robust partnerships. And with the entire directory being updated on a regular basis, there’s no better way to stay ahead of the competition. Contact Scott’s Info today to learn more about our Mississauga business directory.

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