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Identify New Leads in Your Target Segment

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wholesale distributors in Canada

If your company focuses on serving the needs of Canadian distributors, then you will benefit from being able to target the best leads in your segment. With a directory of wholesale distributors in Canada, it is easy to target specific clients, such as company executives and other key employees.

Help Your Marketing and Sales Teams

Something that takes up a lot of your sales team’s time is looking for potentially profitable leads. Luckily, your employees can save time and enhance the marketing plan by getting ahead of things. A reliable list of wholesale distributors will help you get there.

It is not easy to market, and there is a lot of preparation and planning involved in the process. But the more prepared you are, the more likely it is that your company will turn a profit.

Before they can do anything else, your team will have to find the right people to make a sales pitch. Too many times, marketing teams have only general and vague ideas of the best way to pitch to clients. However, if you choose to get a list of B2B wholesale distributors, it will be easier for you to help your sales team.

They can create a customized plan that will allow them to better draw in new clients. This is because they can choose a specific employee of that company to target, like the CEO.

Get a Range of Information

Some directories, like those that contain information on wholesale distributors in Canada, can be better than others. Many only give you contact information, including phone numbers and addresses. While these details are important, you need to learn more about your potential clients. The right database will go further and supply you with more relevant information to help you make a deal.

Learn About Several Areas

One of the main reasons that Scott’s Info is popular is that it allows you to look for information on companies on a bigger scale than just your local area. It offers extensive information on hundreds of thousands of companies in the country, which no other directory can match.

Choose the Right Wholesale Directory in Canada to Better Target Leads

Knowing the number of employees, estimated sales, industry codes, square footage, and executive information will help you and your team create the best marketing plan for your target customers. It is easier than ever now to identify the segment you want to target. Feel free to reach out to Scott’s Info today to learn more about how to give your marketing team a boost with relevant information on wholesale distributors in Canada.

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