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Identifying and Contacting Sales Targets

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Is your marketing and sales department investing in cold calling with no chances of success? Well, what they need is a list of b2b companies in Canada. This list can be resourceful to them if they are spending more time researching your prospects. Also, if your landing pages are experiencing low conversions and your ad campaigns aren’t paying off, this list will help.

With that said, the key to success is a strong target market and customer analysis. And that’s what you obtain from a business-to-business directory. What’s more, conducting a thorough analysis on b2b companies in Canada will be handy for lead generation, scoring, and nurturing. In this text, we’ll look at effective ways to identify and contact sales targets. Let’s start:

How to Identify and Contact Sales Targets

The first and most important step in identifying and contacting target customers is defining your sales targets. To make this process simpler, consider the following queries about your sales targets:

  • How many workers do they have
  • Which industry do they belong to?
  • Where are the sales targets situated?
  • How much are you targeting as revenue from your target customers?

Thereafter, create a B2B list of customers who qualify as sales target for your company. And as you do that, ensure you list their accurate contact information. These pieces of information will help the sales department in reaching out to these prospects.

More Tips

Consider your Current Sales Targets and Prospects

Look into your current sales targets such as newsletter subscribers, followers on social platforms, and blog post readers. Through analyzing them, you can create a potential lead list with clients and partners your can contact.

Consider Former Sales Targets and Prospects

While your current clients are a priority, don’t forget to reach out to former sales targets. And this is because you’ve already created a connection with them. As such, converting them to potential sales has a higher probability of success.

How to Identify Sales Targets using Directories and Tools

Resourceful online tools and directories are also handy in lead generation when it comes to b2b sales target analysis. For instance:

A Business to Business Directory

With the help of data vendors like Scott’s Info, you can purchase a business-to-business directory. These directories are the source of essential info about your prospects such as employee number, industry affiliation, addresses, and annual sales.

Website analyzing tools

Keep track of potential clients and partners using website analyzing tools such as Google Analytics. It will provide you with essential information such as who’s visiting your site, and what they were looking for. Also, it will let you know which company they belong to among other essential details.

Do you want access to a comprehensive list of b2b companies in Canada? Well, don’t hesitate to contact Scott’s Info. Their business to business directory of Canadian companies is a goldmine for vital information on your sales targets. In addition to this, consider the above tips on identifying and contacting sales targets.

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