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Identifying Key Decision Makers in Companies

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One of the fundamental principles when it comes to B2B sales is identifying key decision-makers in companies. Industry experts advise against discussion with employees who have no final say in company decisions. They term this as a waste of time, and the earlier you reach out to key decision-makers in a company the better.

Scrolling through the lists in a Canadian phone number database is among the ways you can identify these decision-makers. It doesn’t seem like much, but it guarantees results. And in this text, we’ll explore multiple ways you can identify key decision-makers of a company. Let’s start:

First: Learn about decision-makers and know who they are

You can save time when looking for decision-makers by first identifying who they are. This is a step that many people skip only to end up frustrated when it takes time to find them. So start by developing personas.
And this should shed light on who the decision-makers are and how to identify them. By spending less time scrolling through lists of contacts, you will have more time to invest in selling your ideas.

Second: How to Find Key Decision Makers

At this point, you are aware of who key decision-makers are. And now it’s time to find them. Doing this manually can take time and you may never find who you are looking for. Luckily, you can use tools like:

  •  LinkedIn Sales Navigator
    Signing up on LinkedIn Sales Navigator will enable you to search for decision-makers more precisely. By filling in the questions such as seniority and job functions, this tool will recommend top decision-makers. And this will include contact info you can use to reach out.
  • Scott’s Info
    Alternatively, Scott’s Info is another reliable tool you can use to find decision-makers. They have a company contacts database you can use to identify the decision-makers of a given company. Further, through the business contact database, you will retrieve important information about the decision-maker and how to approach them.

Step 3: Discover contact info of decision-makers

While LinkedIn can help you out with the contacts, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll reach out to all prospects. You may realize some of the decision-makers don’t respond to LinkedIn in-Mails. And some of their profiles don’t include contacts like phone numbers. Luckily, Scott’s Info company contact database can help you out. This platform has various information you need to determine the perfect prospects. When you become a member of a subscription plan, you will access more than just contacts. There is tons of useful info that their database has in store for you. Once you have access to the contacts, use the available info to reach out and close a deal.

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