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Keep Track of the Collingwood Business Boom With Scott’s Info

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Newcomers to the South Georgian Bay area looking to start a business have contacted the Small Business Enterprise Centre with a 38 percent increase in consultation requests. While many local firms are struggling, other entrepreneurs are willing to take a chance on Collingwood to start new businesses, demonstrating the dynamic that exists in Collingwood’s small-business landscape. To assist with the learning dynamics, an Ontario business directory can assist in ensuring essential information in businesses is obtained.

Collingwood Changes 2021

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began a year ago, Tim Newton, manager of the Small Business Enterprise Centre in Collingwood, said the caseload at the SBEC has climbed dramatically.” We’re up 38% (in inquiries) from April to December 2019 compared to April to December 2020,” Newton added. “It’s remarkable how many requests for consultations we get from newcomers to the area.” “It’s a polarized period,” he continued, “where some firms are doing tremendously well, and others are having a challenging time.” According to Newton, the center has seen a lot of new firms wishing to locate in a physical location. “We are losing some firms, but others are filling them,” he remarked. “There are risk-takers. It shows hope for the future. Many new enterprises in the area are in technology, such as marketing, social media, and business applications. “We’ve seen a huge uptick in those types of enterprises coming to us,” Newton added. An updated Toronto business directory can help you track what businesses are relocating from downtown to more cost effective centers like Collingwood.

Relief Funding

While Newton said he doesn’t have exact figures indicating how many local firms have applied to the various programs and their levels of success in winning financing, he has heard some comments from small company owners. “For the most part, the feedback we’ve gotten is that these programs are well-designed and relatively simple to apply for,” Newton said.

“If the landlord refused to apply, the tenant was in a difficult situation.” So, in the second iteration of that program, the tenants were allowed to apply,” Newton explained. “A lot of businesses have told us that the government has been very receptive. “The Regional Relief and Recovery Fund in the South Georgian Bay area has been “extremely successful.” The federal-provincial Digital Main Street program, according to Newton, has also aided small businesses in Collingwood’s downtown in expanding their virtual offerings. It was a critical need that allowed businesses to shift their focus to a digital presence. “Since the program began, we’ve assisted about 700 businesses across South Georgian Bay,” he said. “It is fantastic news that we will be able to apply for funding to keep the Digital Service Squad operational.”

Scott’s Info

By contacting Scott’s Info, and acquiring the Ontario business directory, you may get started on your entrepreneurial endeavors. Scott’s Info can assist you in getting your B2B company listed on a local business directory in Collingwood. Using a Mississauga business directory can help track how companies are moving around Ontario. Once a company has built a successful marketing plan, its exposure can be quite beneficial to them.

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