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Keep Up to Date on Ontario Business Closures as the Province Reopens

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As the COVID-19 pandemic slowly begins to go away, businesses in Ontario slowly start to open. However, not everything is going back to the way it was. In fact, there might be some unfamiliarity in the area as the Province reopens. The lockdown measures that occurred on boxing day resulted in many businesses closing, especially retail. Since September 2020, the Province has seen a decline in active businesses by 8.3 percent since the pandemic started. In another finding by Statistics Canada, an estimated 25,614 businesses have closed. With thousands of businesses closing, the business might look different for B2B companies. With noting the circumstances, B2B companies that lost a few clients over the span of the pandemic can turn towards an Ontario business directory to assist in finding businesses they can sell to. Thankfully a lot of businesses have stayed in business so far, and some familiarity can remain.

Toronto Business Directory

Knowing what businesses are open is essential as the province begins to reopen. While simply putting “open businesses” in a search engine is common, it is not efficient. When only using a search engine to look up businesses, it is difficult to narrow down specifically targeted businesses. At Scott’s Info, we are an Ontario company directory service that provides business data for over 580,000 companies. With an immense amount of data that is continuously updated throughout the year, B2B companies can be matched with the best and top potential prospects within no time.

For businesses searching for B2B companies to work with, they can also use databases to search for key contacts across Ontario. At Scott’s Info, we have an abundance of information on wholesale agents, distributors, manufacturing companies, corporate businesses, and governmental affiliates. When searching for companies that have stayed open throughout and after the COVID-19 pandemic, an effective database with search filters and 34 unique combinations, including geocoding mapping can assist.

Scott’s Info

It’s time to get a head start on marketing and business techniques as the province slowly opens up. Businesses that have lost clients during the COVID-19 pandemic should stay above the competition by using Scott’s Info. Utilizing a database can also assist a business in staying open throughout the entire season of the pandemic. Scott’s info has over 60 years of experience in providing high-quality data that is constantly updated, verified, and accurate. Scott’s databases not only assist businesses in reaching their targeted audiences, but they also help enhance customer databases that allow for effective communication to occur. Unique insight on potential clients can better shape a business plan and marketing tactics. For more information about Scott’s Info, contact us today for more information.

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