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Keep Your Remote Sales Team on Track with the Right Data Tools

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While just a few years ago, remote teams seemed like something that would be many years off, now they are well-established and here to stay. They are an effective and safe way to get work done without risking anyone’s health or wasting countless hours per year in commute times. The only task companies need to stay on top of is ensuring that their remote sales teams stay on track. This can be more easily done using a marketing database as one of the tools in your arsenal. So, what tools does your company need to ensure your sales team stays on track? Here are some that can help.

Conferencing Tools

One of the most important tools that your sales team will need are conferencing tools. This lets your sales team talk with businesses and keep new leads coming in. This should be a combination of video conferencing tools until your company can narrow down which is most effective for your needs.

Goal Tracking Tools

If you have set goals for your sales team, then having a tool that can track how close you are to reaching that goal is a great way to motivate your team. They can work together, even while being distanced from each other. Then, they can all come together and update the tool to see how close the entire company is to reaching each level of goal.

Database Tracking

Keeping track of which salesperson spoke to who, about what, and when can be incredibly daunting. Instead of trying to manage this individually, it is best to combine it all into a business database that everyone who needs it has access to. It can allow for cooperation when more than one salesperson needs to speak to a business, and it can help businesses from getting overwhelmed by calls or emails.

Phone Database Tools

If you use cold calling as part of your sales technique, then you need a tool to track your calls. This is the only way to prevent people from calling the same business repeatedly. By adding a Canadian phone number database to your repertoire, then you can track who is called and who is not. Plus, if you use a verified list like you would get from Scott’s Info, then you can be sure that your phone numbers are accurate, increasing the success of your remote sales team.

Having the right tools can help your team be more successful, and help keep your company going the right direction, no matter how long you plan to stay remote. Using the best tools available ensures the success of the team, and of the business. To find out more, please reach out to us here at Scott’s Info today.

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