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With rapid changes to technology and the power of databases, CRM has evolved to meet the needs of not only sales teams, but as a tool that can be used to facilitate organization-wide collaboration in the full range of Canadian sales businesses. Scott’s Directories for Salesforce is a data loader and data management solution that can take your CRM to its next evolutionary stage. It allows you to match and append fields from our Canada company list with your existing accounts automatically. That way, your CRM data is always accurate, up-to-date, and complete.

The Evolution of CRM for Sales

In recent years, CRM’s development has focused on team integration and ensuring it has something to offer every individual on every team. CRM is used to streamline and iron out every aspect of sales, from managing the sales pipeline, facilitating the scheduling of meetings with prospects, and tracking the progression of deals.

Scott’s Canadian Business Directories and your CRM: A Divine Match

Scott’s Canadian local businesses directories can accelerate the evolution of your CRM by seamlessly linking our highly respected business directory databases with your existing CRM.

You can also identify new leads on demand by importing prospective clients from our lists that meet your criteria. The data loader also allows you to manually match new accounts you create with Scott’s real-time data, ensuring you have the whole story on new business contacts.

Scott’s Directories and CRM Automation

Scott’s directories apps are an elegant example of automation in the evolution of sales. Going through countless contacts manually each month is a relic of the past. By synching Scott’s List of Canadian businesses with your CRM, you can rest assured that your contacts will be updated regularly in the background while you focus on the important work that technology can’t do: building relationships with your clients.

We also use cutting edge software to ensure that our apps are updated automatically with no data corruption issues that rob time from building your contacts. Our apps are compatible with Salesforce data migration tools, to ensure that contacts from our Canada company list are imported seamlessly to your updated system.

You can quickly advance the evolution of your sales strategy by several stages by installing Scott’s directory app. You’ll never have to worry that a key contact who would have been a big asset to your business fell through the cracks because of faulty data and old-fashioned contact management systems.

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