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Leveraging Contact Data for a New Sales Campaign

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Marketing is an essential part of growing a business. While some companies might have success in their campaigns, others can struggle. If you are not receiving expected results with your marketing attempts, hope is not lost. Efficient data can assist in changing the success of your email campaigns.

Customers desire to be entertained and learn something new. When a person is intrigued, they will continue to read a marketing email. However, dull emails with repetitive information can be easily thrown aside. Generally, the businesses with a lack of success send generic emails to every customer on their list. Although this might seem effective, it is not. Despite the ineffectiveness, companies can still receive valuable data that can alter their marketing operations. Data can be successfully used to create customer lists and personalize email content that is tailored to a subscriber’s interests. Figuring out how to do this can be difficult, but a business contact database can provide a company with success.

The Value of Data

Data allows companies to know how they should produce content and distribute emails based on the interest of customers. Data is essential for a successful email marketing campaign and can increase revenue. The first start of a successful campaign is analyzing data through behavior analysis and outcome analysis.

Behavior Analysis

Companies can begin analyzing data by checking the behavior of a subscriber based on how they interact with content. Behavior analysis communicates email open rates, click-throughs, time of an email being opened, unsubscribes, and best-performing links. Although these steps are a great start, there still is not enough data to determine an email campaign is successful. Companies need to know if potential customers are opening emails, clicking on links, and making purchases. A Canadian companies database, such as Scott’s Info can simplify the process by allowing for companies to unlock information, including sale estimates.

Outcome Analysis

The success of an email campaign can be determined by if an email sells. It is one instance for a customer to open an email, but it is another to sell a product. Outcome analysis measures revenue that comes from an email campaign, per subscriber, and ROI. This step is the next vital one. Companies need to track their success by viewing the next steps of their customers. Once this data is collected, companies can determine any further implementations.

Scott’s Info

When gathering data and selling services, a Canadian business database can assist. Scott’s Info out business directory gives companies access to hundreds of thousands of important contacts and businesses. The information can be tailored down according to the needs of a business. By providing statistics, companies can determine the best ways of growth. For more information, contact Scott’s Info.

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