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Manufacturers Directory- The Perfect Tool To Target The Right Audience

manufacturing companies in Canada

What is a “manufacturer?” The term has such a broad definition that it encompasses many different types of companies. As a result, companies trying to execute B2B sales strategies to manufacturers often find it challenging, because there is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy to reach them. However, there are tools to make the job easier, including the Scott’s Info online directory of manufacturing companies in Canada.

The Perfect Tool to Reach Manufacturers

The manufacturers directory is exactly the kind of cutting-edge digital sales tool required by B2B sales professionals who want to market products and services to manufacturing clients. The database contains over 180,000 company names across Canada, with up-to-date contact information on key executives and contacts within those businesses. It can’t be emphasized enough how vitally useful a sales tool like this is. With 24/7 access to an industrial manufacturers directory, your sales team can literally find thousands of prospects with the click of a mouse and, by narrowing the search criteria, can micro-target by industry, by location, by size of the company or any other of the more than 30 ways to search the database.

Industrial Marketing Is Different Than Consumer Marketing

Tackling B2B sales and marketing to the manufacturing industry is much different that marketing to consumers. Many industrial B2B companies rely solely on ads in print journals relevant to their industry, and they tend to shy away from aggressive marketing targeting their business. Chances are, if you’re targeting B2B sales to the manufacturing sector you’re selling some very technical, very expensive niche products and services. Getting more qualified leads that convert into customers is the primary objective of B2B marketing to manufacturers. The industrial or manufacturing buyer is looking for something very specific; you need to know that the products and services you’re marketing can satisfy the need of your prospect. To be successful with your manufacturing marketing strategy, you need a more targeted, niche specific approach. To develop that, you first need to conduct the research by analyzing potential prospects you find through accessing the data found in your directory of manufacturing companies in Canada. There are often long sales cycles when marketing to manufacturers, so ensuring your first proposal is spot on is an important tactic.

It’s All About Who You Know

Cold calling manufacturers will get you nowhere. Contact information on the key people in the organization is the currency of a successful manufacturer marketing strategy; once you know the right people to approach with your pitch, it becomes much easier to present your argument on why your product or service is necessary. By utilizing the industrial manufacturers database, you get thousands of key contacts within specific companies. It’s an amazing resource to help with your sales strategies.

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