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Meeting the Needs of B2B Manufacturing Buyers

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Manufacturing companies in Mississauga

All businesses, regardless of size or scope have a vested interest in the industrial buying cycle. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, you have skin in the game, so to speak. How are you to build business relationships and maintain contacts with each one? How can you know all of the Manufacturing companies in Mississauga? The cycle is easy enough to understand, as is your business’s part in it. The difficult part comes with understanding how to maximize your part in it.

Understanding the Components of the Industrial Buying Cycle

When considering the industrial buying cycle from a seller’s point of view has but two components.

  • A Buyer Has a Need
  • A Buyer Finds a Supplier to Meet the Need


While that process might seem like an oversimplification—and it is—there are variables within the process which affect the outcome. Those factors are listed below:

  • The Buyer Defines Their Need for a Service or Product
  • The Buyer Researches Services and Products
  • The Buyer Researches Suppliers
  • The Buyer Orders from the Best Supplier


So, how can you stand out in the crowd and have buyers select you as a supplier? Easy, through online business directories.

What Do Industrial Buyers Really Want?

In the industrial buying cycle, when buyers are doing research on suppliers, what are they really looking for? They might create a shortlist of potential suppliers, but that is not an actual sale. How do you move closer to that all-important mouse click?

When buyers are doing online research, the more information provided, in a meaningful way, the better. If industrial buyers are looking for Manufacturing Companies in Mississauga Ontario, they are not going to want a manufacturing company in Canada based thousands of miles away.

Details are important.

Offering a generalized listing that your company is a jack of all trades and can do it all, really tells the customer nothing about the product or services your business provides.

Don’t just be a manufacturing company in Canada. Be something more. Earn the mouse click with details.

What Buyers Are Really Looking for in a Supplier

The vast majority of buyers are not just looking for a vendor or a supplier. They want a partner in their endeavors. The lowest price does not always win their business. Listed below are the most important factors buyers consider when making a purchase.

  • Expertise
  • Reputation
  • Relationship with Supplier
  • Potential Innovation


To stand out among manufacturing companies in Mississauga, find out about the outstanding business database services of Scott’s Info. Reach out to us today.

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