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Outdated Sales Databases Are Bad for Your Business

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The Canadian economy is constantly changing. Businesses relocate, merge, and go out of business. Employees get promoted, transferred, or terminated. Even companies that maintain a constant presence can change their phone numbers, email addresses, or website locations. Companies that are not operating with current marketing databases are at a severe disadvantage. Scott’s Info can resolve this problem with its expertly-maintained databases.

The Cost of Outdated Information

The adage “time is money” is especially true when obsolete data leads to wasted time for businesses. Salespeople who reach out to deactivated email addresses or disconnected phone numbers not only lose the time of the failed contact; they lose additional time tracking down the correct contact information. When salespeople reach out to an incorrect person or department, they run the risk of alienating a potential customer or receiving bad press. And companies that deal with sensitive data can face severe legal issues when they unknowingly send the sensitive data to a wrong number or a reassigned email address.

Scott’s Info Provides Current Business Data

Routine maintenance and verifications are part of the duties that Scott’s Info perform on our Candian business directory database. We perform scheduled data checks to ensure that all of our data points are current and valid – which include products and services offered, company sizes, and targeted industries as well as standard contact information. In addition to ensuring the validity of our data, we make our databases fully-searchable, which includes a mapping tool which allows clients to focus on their specific geographical area. Our clients have a full year of unrestricted searching, viewing, and printing of data. Premium services packages allow clients to download data directly to business applications such as SalesForce or Microsoft Dynamics.

Reduce False Leads by Optimizing Lead Generation

In addition to providing a current database of company contacts, Scott’s Info can offer guidance on how to have local customers find them on the internet. Our SEO analysis and strategies can transform clients’ websites into content-rich websites with targeted keywords and advertising, high-quality content, user-friendliness, and optimal performance to give the client a strong representation in web search engines and a web site that will benefit and please potential customers. Our strategies for both inbound and outbound lead generation can both target and attract potential customers, lowering the amount of cold-calling, mismatched customers, and other sales-related inefficiencies.

Scott Info’s marketing database – and the functionality that maintains and enhances it – can be a vital asset for companies that seek to minimize the risk of outdated information. Our databases, their functionality, and our lead-generation services can save our clients time and money during their business-to-business outreaches. Contact us at 1-844-402-2076 or by filling out our online form to schedule a free thirty-minute consultation.

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