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Perfecting Your Prospecting Pitches

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Truth be told, there’s nothing more excruciating than a sales call. The process of booking a sales call is quite devastating, leave alone making a successful sale to a stranger. With so many obstacles available during phone selling, you’re left to wonder how sales representatives succeed in this field.

With data, especially from a corporate directory, you have an opportunity to turn a lead to sales. That means having enough data about your prospects is the key. It gives you an upper hand when making a sales call. Continue reading and you’ll have the best tips that guarantee your sales will be successful. Let’s start:

Who’s a prospect?

When you talk about a prospect in business, he/she is a potential buyer of a service or product. What’s more, they are clients who fit to be your company’s target market but you have not engaged them. And most importantly, they have means to buy your products or services.

How to perfect your prospecting pitches

Generating customers indeed is a long process that requires patience. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t speed it up a little. In this case, learning key prospecting strategies pays.

First: Focus on target market

There’s more to gain by focusing on your target market. By target market, we mean customers who desire what you’re offering and are willing to pay and get it. And the most effective way of marketing is learning about the prospect’s background.

What gender? Which age group do they belong to? What’s their background in social-economic? These pieces of information about your prospects are important when locating them and sharing enticing messages to capture their attention.

Second: Build a Prospects List

  • Hosting a party starts with preparing a guest list. Similarly, a business can only be successful when you have a prospects list. Speaking of list, here are best spots for finding prospects:
  • Corporate Directory
    Finding it hard to locate prospects? Then you haven’t look into a corporate business directory. These directories are corporate databases with key information that you need to contact a prospect. From name to phone number, to email, among other company details, you’ll access all essential information you need.
  • Ask Referrals
    It takes time and resources, but has potential. Contact previous clients, family and friends to help you out with their contacts that need your products/services.
  • Exiting clients
    Include your current clients on the list.
  • Internet Search
    Internet search is best especially with B2B businesses. What’s more, you can find more corporate business directories through the internet than physically. It makes it easy to find all your prospects in one place instead of searching for them individually.

Third: Make Contact

With the list of prospects and their contact information, it’s time to reach out. Use whichever means that guarantees communication with the prospect.

Fourth: Follow Up

It’s no surprise to be with a “No” during the first encounter with the prospect. But persistence pays. So, follow up to claim the fortune.

When in search of a corporate business directory, look no further than Scott’s Info for assistance.

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