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Steps to Finding a Wholesaler

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Are you looking for a wholesale? Well, you’re not alone. As a medium or small business owner, you can work with several or just one whole distributor. What’s more important is identifying the right partner to work with. Here is where the challenge comes in. To assist you, here are steps to finding a B2B  wholesaler distributor:

For starters, you will need to choose a wholesaler that:

  • Can form a direct link between you and the manufacturer producing the products you need for your business.
  • Operates within your geographic region
  • Is affordable
  • Trustworthy, reliable, and easy to associate with

Even before you launch your search for a wholesaler, you should first identify the products you need. With the idea of what you need, finding the right supplier will be easier. That said, here are ways to find a wholesaler aside from using a wholesale directory in Canada:

Learn about your niche distribution channels

There are multiple ways products can move to retailers from manufacturers. Knowing very well that wholesalers serve specific marketplaces, learning about distribution channels in your industry is important. It’s the first step to finding a reliable wholesale distributor for your business.

Consider the manufacturers

If you can’t wait to generate higher profits and experience rapid growth in your business, consider working with manufacturers. This means you will be cutting out wholesale distributors who consume part of your profits. So, if you are selling branded products on large scale, it means you can attain the requirement for minimum order.

Check out Main B2B Marketplaces

Wholesale suppliers are not just available in physical marketplaces, but also major online marketplaces. For instance sites like, Global Sources and Buyer Zone are potential places with wholesale distributors, importers, and manufacturers. So, if you wish to work with such marketplaces, confirm if they are available in your region.

Participate in Trade Shows

If these are available in your region, it’s a potential place for finding and connecting with the best regional distributors. During these events, you will be able to interact with multiple wholesalers at the same time. And through the one-on-one conversations, there’s no room for misinformation.

Subscribe to Scott’s Info

Not all business directories are as resourceful as Wholesaler Directory Canada. There are some with more benefits than others. And that’s why subscribing to Scott’s Info is crucial if you are running a B2B business in Canada.

Through their database, you can identify the best wholesale distributors in Canada. Keep in mind, they’ll provide you with more than just a list of names, contacts, and addresses. You will have access to other crucial data that will assist you in closing reliable deals with wholesale distributors.

Prepare to make mistakes

It’s no surprise that most people drop their first pick for a wholesale supplier. That means, creating a perfect supply network for your business is a gradual process that needs no rush. There’s room for mistakes as this process involves multiple trials and errors until you find the right pick.

For more information about wholesale distributors in Canada, contact Scott’s Info today.

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