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“CIHI, in partnership with Scott’s Medical Directories, along with the Federal and Provincial Governments and members of Health Organizations, contributes to the well-being of all Canadians”

Ruolz Ariste, Program Lead, Physician Information,
Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)


Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) provides essential information on Canada’s health system and the health of Canadians. The demands of managing their existing Medical Database, ensuring its accuracy and integration of new medical information became a challenge. CIHI’s Medical Data is compared and analyzed annually. This analysis determines trends in the medical profession to help project the areas that most require medical skills, resources and funds to be allocated to them.

The Solution

In 1994 CIHI inherited Scott’s Medical Data from Health Canada, with data dating back from 1968. As Canada’s #1 Leading Medical Data provider, Scott’s Directories was the solution to delivering and incorporating this existing Medical Data to CIHI data holding. Knowing Scott’s Medical Data is continuously verified and updated allowed CIHI to no longer have to manage this entirely in-house, allowing them to focus primarily on the analysis of the data.

The Results

The quality and accuracy of Scott’s Medical Data is intrinsic to CIHI’s ability to accurately analyze and compare trends year over year and as such, inform the Provincial and Federal Governments which medical resources, skills and specialists are needed across Canada.

CIHI is very pleased with the outstanding customer service that Scott’s provides, and looks forward to continuing the partnership for years to come.

CIHI, in partnership with Scott’s Medical Directories, along with the Federal and Provincial Governments and members of Health Organizations, contributes to the well-being of all Canadians.

“The result was a better understanding of organizations, existing customers where they are located leveraging the digital mapping they created. The exercise confirmed that there are no major gaps in Trelleborg Sealings database. Even with the challenges the Aerospace industry faces, especially during Covid, they can now ensure they are doing business with all appropriate businesses and all their locations.”

Kyle Luithly, General Manager—Aerospace Hub Canada & Global Key
Account Manager—Global Aerospace Distribution, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions


Kyle was tasked to optimize his internal mapping for Trelleborg’s ERP systems. Kyle needed to ensure that their Database/ERP system reflected the most current, inclusive and up-to-date Aerospace organizations. He needed to ensure that their ERP system contained all locations, divisions and contacts for the Aerospace Industry.


Once Kyle received Scott’s Aerospace Database, the task was to map Trelleborg Sealing Solutions existing customer base against the total Aerospace market as per the list provided by Scott’s Directories.

Transport Canada
“I love the service! I’ve recommended Scott’s Data and their Service to every group I’ve worked in since 2007.”

Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Doctorate Government of Canada


Our goal was to identify companies that imported and exported dangerous goods. Therefore, I needed data that provided me with the Industry and the customer to determine if they, most likely, had dangerous goods and dangerous goods to dispose of.


We now have the tools and organizational data to determine, by Industry and location, who has dangerous goods. We can now target those organizations to ensure the disposal process is adhered to. The immediate advantage of Scott’s Data over other’s was that Scott’s data listed NAICS codes. Identifying organizations by industry and their location helped determine who, by organization, would most likely have dangerous goods and be required by law to follow strict guidelines on proper disposal.

“Wouldn’t change any aspect of the Service.”

Marshall Katz, Business Development Manager, Advertek


Growing our business in a very targeted and focused segment within the Ontario Region was a top priority.


Leveraged Scott’s Data to simply narrow down to appropriate customer base. Over 80% accuracy of data year-over-year. Capturing data quickly and easy has resulted in increased productivity, sales. User friendly experience and accuracy of data is key to our success.

Rosta logo
“Happy Scott’s Data Customer since 1989!”

Steve Doodchenko, Manager Director, Rosta Inc.


Looking to grow our business in a very niche customer segment in the manufacturing Industry.


Not only did Scott’s provide a list of such customers but Rosta’s Sales Force was able to locate customers and their locations easily and accurately while travelling from city to city. Ease of use and accuracy means more productive customer visits in a day/week.

Horan and Associates
“Scott’s gave me so much detail about so many possible companies, I am convinced that our business has been increased through this particular business directory.”

Deborah Rouleau, Horan & Associates Brokers Inc.


It was time consuming and hit and miss trying to locate businesses in specific areas. My area of work centers on locating businesses interested in either setting up group benefits or switching providers for same.


Scott’s is well thought out and well indexed and therefore saved me a lot of time, and also enabled me to make a comprehensive search for appropriate businesses. The quality of Scott’s data is excellent. It is detailed and accurate. And mostly up to date beyond the odd exception where business closed or changed hands in the interim.

Tibor Shanto Icon
“I love Scott’s, I built my business on it, and recommend it to every client. Prospecting is hard enough to begin with, make life easier by using Scott’s to source real and accurate leads. If you are selling in Canada, you need Scott’s Directories!”

Tibor Shanto, Founder & CEO, Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.


I train sales teams to develop, improve and refine their sales process to improve the business’ bottom line. When starting out my business it was hard to find accurate reliable data for my prospecting. It took a lot of time to research who were the right companies to reach out to and finding the right person to talk with.


I found Scott’s Directories, and their data is great! It allows me to filter the list of businesses by industry type, size and location to match my target client. It allows me to continuously have a list of new prospects to reach out to, to keep my pipeline full.

“Scott’s Directory has been a great partner in assisting our national charity BullyingCanada in accessing up to date and accurate information about businesses and organizations across Canada, allowing us to form partnerships and lasting relationships to further our work.

We have used a number of the products available, and I can say with confidence that all of the Scott’s Directory line of products will meet the meets of businesses and organizations that are looking for accurate information related to corporate data.

The features of that the online database allow for very direct search criteria and provide detailed results.

We will continue to use their services for years to come!”

Rob Benn-Frenette, Co-Executive Director

“Rabiya is very professional and responsive…every time I need her help she always has time for me.

She is a great asset to have for an employer..Thank you Rabiya.”

Joanne Beaudoin, Regional Sales Manager
IPL North America Inc.

“My company has been using the Scotts Directory for 30 plus years, first in the Printed edition, CD edition and now the On-Line edition. Scotts has been a valuable tool in expanding our business and an excellent resource for obtaining new companies and names. I would highly recommend purchasing the Scotts Directory for your business.

I would like to thank Bridget at Scotts for all her great help and service.”

Brian L deLottinville, Owner
Trans-United Consultants Ltd.

“I’ve been using Scott’s Directories for more than 10 years now. Great product but the support you get is absolutely amazing. I recommend Bridget Wiley – incredible attitude and the willingness to help the customer no matter what. Thank you Bridget!”

Dr. Walter Paliga, Vascular Surgeon,
Brampton Vascular Institute

“Rabiya provided my company with excellent service. She went above and beyond by assisting me with a complex migration project. I highly recommend Rabiya/Scott’s Directory to any company.”

Walter Sima, Vice President, IT Solutions
PMC Specialist Recruitment Solutions

“Rabiya is great to work with. She responds to questions quickly and efficiently and if she doesn’t have an immediate answer she finds out quickly for you. Great to work with!”

Lyn Chrysler, Research Coordinator
Ontario Physician Human Resources Data Centre

“Scott’s Directory has been instrumental in helping us at Habitat for Humanity (Miss-Halt-Duff) connect with local businesses for partnerships. The search function allows us to narrow our search to very specific criteria to give us precise results while also providing us with key information on the business. It has made our outreach process much faster and simpler with easy ways to download and save our search results, and we look forward to continuing their services in future searches”

Charles Digiovanni, Procurement Manager
Habitat for Humanity

“We recently purchased a list that contained 2,200 manufacturers in Ontario with facilities over 33,000 sq ft in size. We were doing old fashioned mail-outs for marketing and have had results better than expected. We are looking at purchasing another list.”

Jeff Hawthorne, Business Development
Global Point Energy

“Was a brand new employee about a 10 weeks ago and I could tell that Scott’s Directory had far more bells and whistles than I was using. Decided to give their helpline a try. Upon calling, I was greeted by a kind and bubbly phone assistant named Rabiya. She taught me how to create and save company lists. That action alone saved me a lot of time. She would take a moment at the end of every call to point out a feature I was not familiar with.

Rabiya also has a mind like an elephant. Sometimes I would call weeks apart but she would remember our previous topic and would choose to review it for double understanding on my part.

Scott’s directory has the kind of detailed information that helps me achieve my goals. Information is clearly and easily displayed for proper use.

I’m very thankful good help and solid information is out there. This directory is the backbone of my success.”

Lynne Smith, Business Development Coordinator
BCB International Inc.

“Easy to deal with. Great communication. It’s easy to isolate a list, and if I need help, they are around to support.”

Ryan Good, Canada Territory Manager
Garrison Dental Solutions LLC

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