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The Connection Between Outdated Data and ROI

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The Connection Between Outdated Data and ROI

Most databases are not regularly or consistently updated, which introduces room for error. Marketing and sales teams rely on the information in databases to create sales pitches. At any point in time, 25% of the information in a database is outdated or incorrect. This is why 80% of all personalization strategies fail. If you’re going to rely on a database, you should access a local business directory from Scott’s Info. 

Our directories contain 100% verified data and are constantly updated to reflect current information about businesses in the list. We ensure the contact information and addresses of the businesses in our list are up to date, which will save your business thousands of dollars each year. This will help you have a better ROI, as well, because the leads are real.

How Data Affects ROI

Outdated data can cost US businesses $3 trillion every year. Businesses usually see these losses, such as bad lead nurturing strategies, low conversion rates, a decrease in email activity, and ineffective retargeting. It is challenging to recover from a loss that big, so making sure information in your local business directory is accurate is critical to successful ROI.

How to Improve ROI

To improve your ROI, you should personalize your prospect’s buying experience. 85% of buyers expect the first interaction to be personalized. Buyers do not want cold-calls or unsolicited, robotic emails. They want to know the person behind the product to make sure their values and goals are similar. More and more businesses are operating this way. Personalizing your communications is a great way to improve your ROI.

Simple ways to personalize your communications include knowing the name of your prospect and the company they represent. You should also do some research and learn a bit about the company. Any personal details you can add to make your prospect more comfortable will help you close a sale.

Making Calls

If you’re more comfortable talking on the phone, that’s a great way to initialize contact. Some companies prefer phone calls over emails. During your initial phone call, you can ask your prospect how they would like to communicate going forward. This will show them you care about their time, and that you value their interest in your product. Some may choose email, while others may choose calls or in-person meetings. Valuing your prospects is another great way to improve your ROI.

Scott’s Info

The online business directory from Scott’s Info can give you the information you need to personalize your communications. With Scott’s Info, you get immediate access to thousands of relevant company directories in Canada that you can use to capture the market. Our directories will become the most vital tools at your disposal. Visit our website today!

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