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The Difference Between a Buyer Profile and a Buyer Persona

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The most successful marketing campaign starts with understanding your target clients. However, this is only possible through establishing unique buyer personas and profiles. And with this information, the marketing and sales departments have a reference point to rely on when targeting potential clients. You can also use them in conjunction with an Ontario company directory to target prospects better.

They can effectively come up with value propositions as well as answers to customer priorities. While they are both important, distinguishing them and knowing where to apply each is vital. And that’s what we are highlighting in this text.

What’s a Buyer Persona?

When ideal customer representation is semi-fictional, you refer to this as Buyer Persona. And the basis behind it is market research, existing clients’ data, and several educational assumptions. As a result, you can comprehend and relate to the target clients for your services or products.

What’s a Buyer Profile?

This is the description of an actual client or a group of clients. It covers their demographics, psychographics, and geographic traits. Additionally, it includes their buying history, creditworthiness, and buying patterns.


The key difference starts with their definition as you’ve read above. The Buyers’ profile looks at the actual customer while the buyer persona stands for a semi-fictional rendition of ideal clients.

A buyer persona is a document in detail that’s very well organized and ready for execution. On the other hand, the buyer profile is more of a dynamic tool. Thus, you can use it to understand your client.

Buyer Persona has some aspect of assumption despite the market research and data on actual customers. On the other hand, buyers profile helps you see the picture from the customer perspective rather than assuming their needs.

The customer profile assumption can go through validation or invalidation. On the other hand buyers’ persona is primarily coined from survey responses or studies done on focus groups. And as you know, clients sometimes don’t do what they claim to be doing.

The buyer persona comes with a lot of assumptions, while the buyer’s profile provides key details. And this includes the jobs clients will complete, gains, and setbacks they may have. When using a business directory in Mississauga make sure you know whether to use a customer profile or a buyer persona.

The findings from customer profiles are coined from interactions with actual clients. On the other hand, the Buyer’s persona findings are statistical and in time instead of constant learning about customers.

There is a dynamic change or evolution of the customer profile as you learn and gather evidence about it. On the other hand, there is no direct interaction with clients, and if there’s, it’s little.

Buyers’ persona enforces value proposition from your point of view onto customers. On the other hand, a customer profile incorporates customer priorities into the value proposition you’re designing.


When used with the Ontario business directory from Scott’s Info, buyer personas and company profiles can be a powerful tool for crafting detailed sales pitches.

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