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The Difference Between Effective and Ineffective Sales Pitches

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Prospecting and outreach are two sales areas where reps consistently and habitually engage in “hard effort” to make up for the lack of “smart work.” Welcome to the future, where if you don’t use data to guide your sales prospecting, you’ll end up squandering valuable time, effort, and resources.

While a Canada business directory can assist in providing valuable resources regarding businesses, there are other tactics to put into play. The most typical way sales teams ruin their hard work is by “spraying and praying.” But what exactly is spraying and praying, and are you a perpetrator?

Spraying and Praying: How to Get Rid of the act of contacting “prospects” in a haphazard and unorganized manner in the hopes that one of them will be interested in your product is a textbook example of spraying and praying. Any sales prospecting decision that does not use data to identify and prioritize prospects with a potential need for your product is considered as “random and disorganized.” You’re guilty of spraying and praying if you’re not using data or other indicators to target relevant prospects with the right message.

Prospecting and outreach are by far the most time- and effort-intensive tasks that salespeople may undertake. So, to make the most of your reps’ time, make sure they’re not spraying and praying but rather reaching out to those prospects who are a good fit for your product with relevant outreach messaging. When using a company directory in Canada, ensure you are putting a good resource to effective work.

Spraying & Praying vs. Good Sales Prospecting

If done correctly, a good sales prospecting strategy can help you scale your organization dramatically. And to accomplish so, you’ll need to work with the correct data. Here are three methods to start incorporating data into your sales prospecting and improving your sales efficiency.

Before starting outreach, identify high-intent prospects (the top 3% of your TAM).

The TAM of your firm is an estimate of the total market size that your product(s) and service could serve (s). Identifying your TAM can assist you in understanding how to go about sales prospecting by indicating who your target ICPs should be. You can manually identify your TAM using various methods, including doing it yourself with first-hand data or hiring a third-party research consultant to do it for you. Both of these procedures can be time-consuming, with the latter costing an arm and a leg.

Finding relevant prospects by using buying intent indicators

Expressed buying intent, also known as purchase intent, refers to a buyer’s willingness to purchase a specific product or service at any given time. In each given TAM, there are primarily two types of purchasers. The active buyer is the first type; these are people who are actively looking for a product like yours right now. The second set of passive consumers have to recognize their need for your goods must be trained and developed into active purchasers.

  • The Search Bar on LinkedIn: You may always use LinkedIn’s search box to find prospects who have posted about their problems or concerns. The use of a search bar is an excellent technique to locate high-intent buyers similar to your purchase. You can use the search bar to look for keywords in posts that are relevant to your product.
  • Relevant Channels and Groups: Joining relevant groups/channels where decision-makers attempt to solve their problems is also a great way to locate active buyers ready to make a purchase decision.

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