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The Value of High Quality Data

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These days, companies have to do more to find and retain clients than looking up their information in a B2B business directory. While business to business directories are useful, they are not going to make a sale for your company. Instead of relying on a list of B2B companies in Canada to help you focus your sales efforts, you need to think about getting the best quality of data possible. Here are some tips for making sure all of those B2B business directory cold calls aren’t in vain.

Check Your Data

After you get a company’s information through a B2B business directory your next step needs to be gathering as much information as you can about the company. Your future sale to this company will be easier to make if you have good data on their products, customer base, and how they approach marketing. The more high quality data you have, the easier it is to make the sale.

Also, looking in a business to business directory doesn’t allow you to really target your audience. You want to find potential clients whose business is similar to clients that you already have. High quality data allows you to figure out which potential clients are cold calls–at best, and which clients might be perfect to market to because their corporate picture matches some of your other clients. Your marketing dollars won’t go to waste when you are able to really target great companies who could use your products.

Having high quality data, beginning with that B2B business directory, means that you will be able to really focus on reaching new clients through your own advertising and marketing campaigns. Instead of that impersonal cold call, you’ll be able to send out email campaigns that make your potential client sit up and pay attention. You can highlight products you know they need, and show them that your business is all about making their lives easier. When you can target potential clients with information they can use, your data gathering has really paid off.

These days, it isn’t about a slick marketing campaign. Your potential clients have already seen a ton of those. Instead, it is about establishing a personal relationship with your clients, and allowing them to partner with you to grow their own business. Your customers are looking for solutions to problems they have within their company, and if you have high quality data, you’ll be able to come up with solutions for them–as well as make a great sale.

It doesn’t matter if you get your initial information from a B2B business directory. It only matters what you do with that business to business directory information. If you are willing to put in the research time, you’ll end up with high quality data that connects you to your customers, and helps you continue to make your business profitable.

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