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Tips for Marketing to Small Businesses

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Marketing is the lifeblood for many small businesses. It is a tool they understand and can utilize. They want to know the bottom line and how it directly impacts their business. Marketing to them requires an understanding of problems unique to small business operations. It also requires information about the specific business. One way to gain that information is through a company contacts database. Scott’s Info has one of the most comprehensive databases available.

Here are somethings to keep in mind when working with small businesses:

  • Stress Hidden Costs
  • Stress Return on Investment Strategy
  • Stress Underpriced Advertising
  • Host In-Person Events Using Social-Media

Stress Hidden Costs

Small businesses lack the scope of big corporations. While this can be considered short-sighted, for small businesses, it’s about survival. Their bottom line cannot take on the massive fluctuations the way conglomerates can. The ebb and flow of business can literally kill small businesses. Because of this, small businesses view cash as king. They view the money from sales going into the back account and oftentimes fail to see hidden costs within their business model.

It is important to draw comparisons between various expenditures directly to dollar amounts. In many situations, small business owners fail to realize the lost productivity by selecting one product over another.

How can they grasp the concept of buy business directory database? Simple. Draw conclusions about how adding new businesses to their client list can impact their bottom line.

Stress Return on Investment Strategy

Because small businesses have a narrower view of sales, it can be hard to have ‘big picture’ conversations. They typically focus on short term sales because of the limited cashflow they have to contend with. They simply do not have the budgets of their larger counterparts.

However, if your pitch can show a direct correlation between the investment they make to their return. If you can show their payment of $250 for a service is adding to lost productivity but their payment of $150 a month for your service can correct the problem, they will understand it better.

Stress Underpriced Attention Not Social Media

Emphasizing low cost, high return advertising is key. They might not understand the ins and outs of social media but will understand the nuts and bolts of traditional advertising.

Host In-Person Events Utilizing Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Ads

While small businesses might not understand the reach of social media, if utilized correctly, they can. Using social media to promote in-person events can be highly successful. Host events like:

  • Dinner
  • Golf Outing
  • Escape Rooms
  • Disc Golf Outing

Using corporate contacts databases small businesses can extend their reach and continue to grow. Why not reach out to Scott’s Info to find out the details?

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