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Using a Company Directory to Grow Your Business

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Directory of Ontario’s Businesses

If you’re looking to expand your business or target new sales prospects in Ontario, an Ontario company directory can be an invaluable tool. With comprehensive lists of contact information for businesses across the province, these directories can help you develop effective pitches that will get results. Let’s take a look at what you should consider when purchasing an Ontario company directory.

What Kind of Information Will I Find?

Most lists of companies in Toronto are broken down by industry, region, size of business, and type of business. This makes it easier for you to narrow down your search and find the exact kind of companies you would like to target with your pitches. The directory might also include contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses so that you can reach out to potential clients directly.

Where Can I Get a Directory?

The best place to purchase an Ontario company directory is online. Scott’s Info offers comprehensive directories which can be downloaded in Excel format or accessed remotely online. We offer different purchasing options which vary in terms of their scope and cost depending on how many contacts you need access to. It’s important to do your research before making a purchase—compare the features offered by each package and pick the one that meets your needs. For example if you are a local business you may look for a business directory in Mississauga rather than the Canada wide directory.

You can also purchase print versions of the directory from the Scott’s website if you prefer not to use digital formats. However, bear in mind that print versions may not be updated as frequently as digital ones so they could contain outdated information.

Buy Your Data from Scott’s Info

When you’re looking for a reliable source for an Ontario company directory, look no further than Scott’s Info. We offer comprehensive and up-to-date directories that are easy to use and download. We also have an experienced team on hand to answer any questions you may have about the data and provide helpful advice. Get in touch with us today and see how our directories can help you grow your business.


An Ontario company directory can be a great way to grow your business or target new sales prospects in Canada’s most populous province. When purchasing a directory, make sure to compare the different packages available online so that you get one that meets all your needs without breaking your budget. With a reliable source of contact information at hand, you will be well on your way towards developing successful pitches and closing deals with clients across Ontario!

At Scott’s Info, we’re committed to providing businesses with the best resources they need to succeed. Our Ontario company directories are the perfect way to get started on the road to success – so don’t wait any longer; contact us today!

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