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Using a Tech or Audience Centric Model for B2B Sales

Corporate Directory
Corporate Directory

When you’re dealing with B2B sales, there are two key models you need to look into. That is, the Audience Centric and Tech Centric models. They are efficient and effective gateways to the active market demands through the acquisition of intent data from the public or corporate business directory. But even so, these two concepts are quite different in terms of how you acquire the data. And also, the level of impact that both of them exert is divergent.

For instance, the Tech Centric Model relies on public records or access data to provide you with information. While it’s available, the data is quite opaque. On the other hand, an audience-centric model is more established. And it includes the likes of Scott’s Info with the corporate business directory at the disposal of clients who needs it. While this is so, the two models are crucial for your company’s sales and marketing technology tools evolution.

Let’s have a deep insight on both:

Tech Centric Model

According to this model inspiration, the emerging technology will be resourceful in the unlikely areas. The promoters of this source of data have been at the forefront in trying to formulate more data streams. And the aim is to boost their marketing and sales client base.

As a result, they deduce that by combining the algorithm and computation power, plus the public internet access, they can create a useful guide from disconnected and faint signals. However, the concept remains doubtful especially with the internet source signals available to the public. And since there is are no ways to scrutinize the process, data and outcome, the concept remains inconclusive.

Therefore, potential data clients cannot trace back the claimed outcome of this model. Besides the concern on the legal right to access this data, the idea that independent signals and data points paint an actual picture of the buyer’s journey is farfetched. Therefore, any potential client must proceed with caution when dealing with this concept.

Audience Centric Model

With Audience Centric Model, you can feel more relaxed. You are dealing with an actual company. And as such, they will not jeopardize their reputation at any cost. Further, Audience Centric Model provides data that is verifiable and acquired through the permission of the clients. It employs direct and logical methods when tapping into market demand.

It begins with the focus on providing the potential audience with information they need during pre-purchase research. As such, this concept is based on the fact that potential buyers accumulate around online places that are consistently resourceful during decision-making.

Scott’s Info

As a marketing or sales team, you can establish a profitable business with constant sales through Scott’s Info help. It’s a directory company in Canada that provides access to various corporate business directories, to their clients.

From general business across the country to certain locality, you will get the contacts you need. An example is the Ontario business directory or a business directory in Mississauga for clients in these regions.

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