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What Are the Best Ways to Promote Your B2B Business

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Is a B2B company list the best way to promote your business? That’s a loaded question. Determining “the best” way to conduct sales, marketing and promotional activity designed to raise awareness of your business and ultimately grows sales is rather subjective. It all depends on the credibility of the people responsible for those activities. However, one area where there is no question of such effectiveness is when properly utilizing the Scott’s Info B2B company list.

How to promote your B2B business

There are dozens of elements you can include in a marketing and promotions plan for your business other than a subscription service offering B2B directories. There’s traditional print platforms and broadcast media including radio and television, 21st century social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and digital methods including pay-per-click advertising, paid search advertising and conversion-rate optimization strategies. Whether your company is engaging in outbound marketing strategies or more traditional inbound methods, success rates are varied. One of the best ways to promote your business effectively is worrying less about the quantity of advertising you’re doing and focusing more on the quality of outreach your team is conducting. That means narrowing in on clients who are more apt to need your B2B product or service. To do that, your team needs to conduct qualified research, and there’s no better place to do that research than in a one-stop-shop offering comprehensive business to business directories.

Promote your business through Scott’s Info

Searching through the Scott’s Info database gives users an amazing landscape of information on Canadian businesses across the country. That includes over 600K B2B company profiles, over 1.2 Million key contacts and information on all that is continuously updated throughout the year. There is no dirty data to worry about, no outdated listings that waste the time of your salespeople. It’s a quick and easily-navigated platform that allows your team to match potential top prospects quickly and effectively. Once you’ve generated that list of high potential prospects, you can start to develop a more structured, custom-tailed promotional package designed for each individual potential prospect. Whether you’re B2B targets include clients in manufacturing, wholesalers and distributors, industry, retail, charity, medical or tech, you can develop exceptional promotional plans using the B2B company list.

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