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What Kind of Data to Expect When Purchasing a B2B Directory?

Sales Strategy
Wholesale distributors in Canada

There are many innovations taking place in the B2B world. Still, many sales and marketing people make mistakes and face difficulties when trying to accurately target their ideal customer. To be able to target accurately and with ease, salespeople and marketers need to know about the different types of B2B data that is available to them. Understanding the different types of data is crucial to finding wholesale distributors in Canada that can help businesses.

You only want access to the best kind of data when you’re purchasing from a B2B directory, and that means analyzing the different data available at your fingertips. The best data samples include complete information about the target and help you better inform your sales campaign. The right data sample is going to help you target your customers in the right manner.

There are all types of data that you can get your hands on when it comes to a B2B directory, like Scott’s Info. You must make sense of that data to get on the right terms. The types of data that you’re most likely to come across include the following:

  • Account data
  • Intent data
  • Engagement data
  • Contact data

These are all the types of data that you are most likely to come across from a wholesale directory in Canada. We are going to talk about them in greater detail to better explain their type.

Account Data

Identifying accounts based on your ideal customer profile is the first step in initiating any outbound campaigns. Account data includes the companies or ‘accounts’ that you’re planning to target, including high-value accounts, and your next best ideal customers. Most importantly, account data includes all information that you can use to help you classify the companies on your list and see if they are ready for your product or service.

Intent Data

Intent data will analyze the intent of the contacts at your target accounts. So, if you have a B2B wholesale distributor, the intent data will help highlighting where a prospect is in the buyer journey, and if you’re a good lead-to-account fit.

Engagement Data

Engagement data is just like tracking how your prospects think, where they are in the buying journey, and how they react to different types of communication by you. This data is more advanced than intent data as it records how engaged your target accounts are with your marketing and sales efforts right now.

Contact Data

This data will let you contact people behind the accounts on your list. With the help of contact data, you can create tailored campaigns to target the individuals behind the accounts.

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