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What Your Cold Calls Need to be Successful

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Cold calling refers to reaching out to a business or person who wasn’t originally looking for your products or services. This can be a highly effective strategy when it comes to landing deals because they might have the interest already in the back of their mind or you are offering an incentive to strike a great business partnership. Today we will be going over a few strategies you can utilize in order to increase your chances of success when scouring a Canada business directory.

Use the Fewest Words Possible

Few words can convey the same meaning as many words and this is important to remember when trying to catch attention. People get bored easily when they need to sift through a wall of text on why they should do business with you because chances are they’ve already seen this many times over already. Fewer words mean you are far more likely to get all of your information across to someone before they give up midway through the proposal.

Open Up With a Captivating One-liner

It’s important to remember that businesses get messages all the time and sifting through them can end up being quite boring to them if everyone sounds the same – you’ll just be a part of the pack and nothing more if you don’t differentiate yourself when pitching after spotting a company on a Toronto business directory:

  • Address the one you are selling to rather than a generic pitch
  • Address the problem that you can solve
  • State exactly what you can do for them
  • Paint a picture of how you can benefit them

Showcase Your Credibility

It can feel like a gamble for buyers when selecting who to work with and what better way to show that you are serious by proving your credibility? Showcasing your accomplishments in the past shows that you were able to help others in the past successfully by offering a quality service at fair prices.

Have an Offer That is Irresistible

When seeking a deal on Canadian local business directories, standing out from the rest also means having an offer that stands out. Imagine sifting through multiple offers already but they are all very similar and jumble together, if they are interested they are likely going to pick the one that has followed the first 2 tips we mentioned above, but going above and beyond is what will further increase the chances of sealing the deal.

When we say “offer”, we don’t mean dropping your prices as low as humanly possible, but rather a call to action. Something along the lines of offering a free product sample followed by a discount on the first shipment can go a long way. Even if they aren’t looking for what you are offering right now, they can at least have something to remember. And don’t forget to follow up 3 – 7 times a year! A “no” now doesn’t mean no forever.

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