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Why Audience Segmentation is Important?

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A corporate database made available to your sales and marketing teams via 24/7 online access is an amazing tool to assist you in your B2B marketing strategies. Where it is most helpful is determining lucrative targets through effective audience segmentation, and no corporate directory is better at helping achieve those goals than Scott’s Directories.

Why is audience segmentation important? For starters, it helps to improve communication of the marketing objectives your team wants to achieve. Dividing huge volumes of audience data into smaller, workable data sets is the ultimate goal of audience segmentation initiatives. Accessing a credible corporate business directory will no doubt give your team ample statistical information with which to work. However, segmenting that audience of a particular marketplace is critical to determine the characteristics, wants and needs that align with your B2B strategies. Segmenting the audience ensures you are developing the right target customer; developing a composite of the perfect customer helps sales and marketing teams plan more efficiently, with laser-sharp product development, pricing strategy, promotion and distribution plan. A corporate database that provides you with information is just one part of the process; narrowing the search and segmenting the audience to refine your data is truly the “devil in the details.”

Finding a balance on how far you want to segment your audience is also important when you’re mining your corporate directory for information. While there are those B2B marketers who believe that solo-segmentation is the best route to take, there are times where macro-segmentation is better – people are becoming leery about how much of their information is being made to marketers. Finding the right customer segments allows your team to group potential targets together based on their similarities rather than just their differences. In the end, the goal is to avoid the time-wasting trap of cold calling and instead building lists that can immediately be converted into active leads. Segmenting your audience allows you to optimize your efforts organizationally, finding business-wide insights to assist you in your messaging, your design, your content and other important aspects of your customer outreach.

Focusing on audience members who are most critical to reach and designing the most effective and efficient strategy for reaching them is a primary reason your team should look at audience segmentation strategies. This helps your B2B programs to match audiences, message and media based on the needs of your target audience. Start by deciding what criteria to use to segment the audience, including identifying the traits of your primary audience. Different audience traits require the development of different messages, so clarity is critical. Regardless of how you approach it, your search begins by using a corporate business directory like Scott’s Directories.

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