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Why Implement Geo-Targeting Ads

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Why Implement GeoTargeting Ads

Geo-targeted ads are becoming more useful in the marketing industry. They are ads designed to target specific audiences, resulting in better returns to your website. Geo-targeting ads are displayed only to relevant customers, which saves you money on ad space. Targeted display ads are the best way to get better click-through rates.

There are a few reasons why you should implement geo-targeting ads into your advertising campaign. Some of those reasons are:

  • It boosts your local relevancy.
  • Ad optimization ensures accurate keywords in content.
  • Ads are targeted to a specific audience.

Designing the right geo-targeted display ads takes some skill, so hiring a company that specializes in targeted display ads is a smart business move.

So, how do targeted ads help your business?

Boosts Your Local Relevancy

Geo-targeted display ads rely on a tool called location targeting. Location targeting allows you to display ads for a specific location. This could be your city, your parking lot, or inside your store. Proximity targeting is a tool that allows you to display ads to potential customers near your business. The radius can be adjusted based on your personal choice.

Location targeting also allows you to check demographics in neighborhoods near your business. This can give you insight into which areas to target for the besure st ROI.

Accurate SEO Keywords

The right targeted display ad company will ensure your website’s content contains relevant keywords for SEO purposes. Your SEO ranking will improve dramatically if your website is optimized properly. Your targeted display ads will contain relevant keywords that will return better click-through rates, and if your website contains relevant content, you’re likely to see a better ROI.

An example of geo-targeted SEO keywords is, “Doctor in Toronto, Canada.” This will target websites that only contain the words “doctor”, “Toronto”, and “Canada”. Your website should contain relevant keywords to get the best ROI.

Ads are Targeted to Specific Audiences

If you’re only targeting a very specific audience, targeted display ads are the way to go. Targeted display ads will contain keywords that are only relevant to your audience, and they will only be shown to people within your audience range. So, if you only want to target people over the age of 65 in Toronto, a targeted display ad company will be able to do that for you.

Geo-targeted display ads utilize online data to target customers who have made similar purchases in a certain period of time. They also utilize online demographics to target specific audiences and display ads in the right places.

Best Places to Display Geo-Targeted Ads

There are many places to display geo-targeted ads. The best places to display targeted ads include:

  • Social Media Platforms
  • Search Engines
  • Jobsites

The right targeted display ad company will place your targeted display ads on the right websites to ensure the best click-through rate. They may also use a combination of platforms for the best price.

Social Media Platforms

Social media plays a big role in online shopping. Many social media users will click on ads on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and buy products because they are targeted to them. Facebook has its own location targeting that can be used to create the right display ad. Other social media platforms, like Instagram and Twitter, also have location targeting and other geo-targeting tools.

Search Engines

One of the best—and most obvious—spaces for geo-targeted advertising is on a search engine. Search engines usually show paid ads at the top and side of the results page that is relevant to a query. While these may not be ranked #1 on Google, they will still be relevant to your query. Google, Bing, and other search engines accept paid advertisements. A targeted display ad company will handle this for you.


One final place to display geo-targeted displays ads is on Jobsites like LinkedIn. Potential employees and business owners alike use LinkedIn for networking and job acquisition. What better place to advertise a product or service relevant to any business? Targeted display ad companies will know what ads to create and where to place them.

Get Started Today

If you’re ready to create targeted ads for your business, you should contact Scott’s Info today. Scott’s Info is located in Canada and will create the right display ads for you. Their program, RapidReach, will help you reach customers far and wide. They utilize the tools mentioned in this article and more to give you the best ads possible. Scott’s Info is the right targeted advertising company for you!

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