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Creating Targeted Ad Campaigns with Scott’s Data

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You’re marketing and advertising your product, and the sales aren’t rolling in like you’d hoped. You probably think you’re doing something wrong, or your product isn’t good enough, or a multitude of other reasons that may make you want to give up. But don’t worry; there’s an easy way to create targeted advertising campaigns.

Scott’s Info uses our comprehensive database of Canadian businesses to direct your targeted advertising campaigns to relevant targets. We do this through our RapidReach program, our targeted display marketing solution.

RapidReach is a targeted display advertising program that utilizes AI technology to display your ads to your target audience. We collect demographic information about you and your best clients and input it into our RapidReach program.

Our RapidReach program will display the right ads at the right time to the right audience. We use geo-targeted display ads to get your products to the right customers. Geo-targeted display ads are displayed to consumers in areas you choose so your target audience is guaranteed to see your ads.

Our program is fast and easy to set up. You give us the information you want to include, and we’ll do the rest!

RapidReach Tools

Our RapidReach program uses 6 tools to ensure your ads are displayed to the right audience. These tools are:

  • Website Targeting
  • Premium Data
  • Social Media Delivery
  • Geo-fencing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Reporting

These tools work hand-in-hand to get your ads to the right audience.

Website targeting will display your ads for up to 30 days to anyone who has visited your website. These ads will be displayed on any other websites they visit. We will use the premium data in our business directories to curate the right ads for your audience. The ads will contain keywords related to your business and product to assist with SEO. We also have access to many social media websites and will display your ads on Facebook, Instagram, and many more social media sites.

At the end of each month or quarter, we will provide you with reports. These reports will keep you in the know about your advertising campaigns and whether they are bringing in sales and web traffic. You can use the information in the reports to make changes to the display ads. Customer satisfaction is very important to us, so if you want changes made, we will make them!

Why Scott’s Info?

Scott’s Info created the first business directory in Canada in 1957. We are well-respected in the business and have been providing directories to Canada for sixty years. Our RapidReach targeted display ads produce results! We’ve heard many success stories from our customers. If you want more information, visit us website or give us a call!

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