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Don’t Let Bad Data Ruin Your Sales Strategies
Corporate Database
corporate database
Have you ever received a B2B proposal from someone who you suspect didn’t do their homework? Perhaps they got your name wrong or your title incorrect. More significantly, they pitched you a B2B proposal that has nothing to with your area of expertise or responsibility within the company for which you work. It makes you judge the competency of tha...
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Five Factors That Influence Sales Performance of Your Business
Business Directory
Canada business directory list
Athletes seek it. Politicians crave it. Business people need it to overcome their competition. It’s called “the edge,” an intangible force of energy that can somehow elevate performance. When you’re in B2B sales, finding an edge is critical to your success, and one tool to help you get it is by subscribing to an online Canada company direct...
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What Are the Best Ways to Promote Your B2B Business
B2b Business Directory
b2b business directory
Is a B2B company list the best way to promote your business? That’s a loaded question. Determining “the best” way to conduct sales, marketing and promotional activity designed to raise awareness of your business and ultimately grows sales is rather subjective. It all depends on the credibility of the people responsible for those activities. H...
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Improve Sales Quality by Using Scott’s Directory for Your Business
B2b Business Directory
Canada business directory
The annual inflation rate in Canada for September, 2019, stood at 1.9 percent. What does that mean to your business? Well, if you want to keep up with inflation, it means you either raise your sales rate by 1.9 percent or cut costs by an equal amount. A business that is constantly cutting is eventually going to cut itself right out of business. Tha...
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What Is the Most Important Element for a Successful Business
B2b Business Directory
Business to business directory
Every business owner goes into business for different reasons. Some go in for the pursuit of wealth, others for the freedom that comes with being the boss, and others start businesses to pursue a personal passion. As a result, every business owner uses a different matrix to measure success. However, one common tool used to put businesses on a path ...
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Perks of Using Corporate Database in a Modern Organisation
Corporate Directory
Canadian business directory database.
Without a robust and resilient innovation strategy, no company can survive. Innovation failure has caused the downfall of many great companies, from Kodak to Xerox to Blockbuster. An even bigger failure is incorporating innovative technologies into the workplace but failing to fully maximize their use. For companies engaging in B2B sales and market...
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Solutions for desirable B2B Lead Generation
Business Directory
Ontario business directory
In the dating game, you need a great lead line to establish a good first impression. When it’s B2B businesses you’re trying to impress in the hope of establishing long-term customer relationships, quality leads are equally important. One of the best methods for quality lead generation is subscribing to a company database that allows you to sear...
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